26th Apr 2008, 04:19

2005 Chevy Equinox AWD LS.

I am a retired senior citizen, my husband passed away 3 years ago. When he died, I purchased a brand new vehicle because he's not here to take care of me or my car anymore, and I really don't know anything about fixing cars. I figured if I bought a brand new vehicle, I wouldn't have to worry about break downs and repairs.

Unfortunately my 2005 Equinox SUV has been a real problem for me, and lately a very devastating strain financially on me.

The fuel economy seems reasonable for a brand new SUV. and the vehicle is very sharp looking and very roomy inside.

The reliability of my vehicle constantly worries me, and seems to be a constant issue. I am constantly waiting to see what the next malfunction and repair will be.

I have documented all the problems that I have had with my Equinox since I purchased it.

The suspension started to rattle at 6,200 km. Front and rear (My Dealership repaired it under warranty), but I had to pay for the wheel alignment ($240.00), it wasn't covered under the warranty.

The power steering failed at 12,540 km., the steering was impossible to turn (The Dealership repaired it for me under warranty).

AWD went at 21,641 km it resulted in the Dealership rebuilding the transfer case for me (and was covered under my warranty).

3 out of 4 shocks leaked at 32,340 km right in my driveway, the Dealership replaced it under warranty.

During my regular service at 36,500 km., the dealership noticed that both rear axle seals leaked onto the brake pads and had to have a bearing/seal kit installed and brakes/Emergency brakes were replaced under warranty. I had to pay the $240.00 for the wheel alignment again (wasn't covered by my warranty).

36,756 km., I noticed a grinding noise in back of the vehicle. The Dealership found the rear axle shaft bearing was blown; the axle shaft was also replaced. Again I had to pay the $240.00 for the wheel alignment.

At 42,832 km., I noticed water leaking under my vehicle; I brought it into my Dealership. They found the water pump was leaking, and it was replaced under warranty.

At 54,182 km., again I noticed a constant noise going over bumps; the Dealership inspected my equinox, and replaced the inner/outer Tie rods. Paid the $240.00 for the wheel alignment.

59,640 km. Paint is pealing off the front and rear gold Chevy emblems (Dealership wouldn't fix it because it's considered cosmetic and not covered by my warranty).

60,961 km. Front axle has a whine now, gear shifter has a lot of play in it, but it is no longer covered by warranty. My Dealership fixed it and was kind enough to let me charge it until my Pension came in ($842.63).

My Dealership also noticed the front axle has a light leak, rear and front main seals are also leaking, and needs to be replaced fairly soon.

I was told that the front rotors will need to be turned every 12,000 km. ($80.00+taxes), and replaced every 18,000 km ($180.00+ taxes). My Dealership service tech. says it is a common problem with the equinox, and my Dealership also recommends that I buy new brake pads ($120.00) with the new rotors at the 18,000 km mark.

62,854 km, my Equinox is in the shop again, the Dealership says it has a blown head-gasket. I have no idea what that is, and I really can't afford to fix it right now, so I've been taking the local transit.

Since my husband died, I don't go out of town much anymore, I've decided that after I get it out of the shop, I'm going to sell my Equinox SUV, and just use the local transit.

I've put a lot of money into my vehicle in the 3 years I've owned it, some days I feel so sad. I go to the cemetery and visit my husband every morning and evening, and I try to be strong, I want to show him that I will be OK, that I can do this. I really want him to be proud of me, but some days I can't help but cry. I miss him so much, we were married 52 years, and I never thought I would be without him, he did so much for me.

27th Apr 2008, 17:26

The brakes on this vehicle are too small, as evidenced by the bigger brakes on later (2008) model years. I would like to upgrade if Chevy even offered an upgrade. Or if there was any other upgrades available. Tiny discs on the front, manually adjustable drums on the rear. Did we time warp back to the 1950's? This is a total joke. Wake up G.M.

28th Apr 2008, 12:05

One of the biggest things in life that we have all learned is that where there's smoke there's always fire.

My wife and I bought the used 2005 Equinox; I actually looked into the brakes yesterday, and compared it to the 2008. What a big, big difference, I can tell that this will be a never ending problem.

I wonder why Chevy/GM would put such a cheap type of braking system on a vehicle that is in a price range that would be purchased by people with families. If GM had any pride at all they would do a complete recall and replace that cheap braking system.

In the last 5 years I have also noticed that Chevrolet/General Motors are only about the profit, and not as concerned about the safety, pride, and reliability aspects of all its vehicles (unless of course you can afford it).

I love my "overpriced" 2003 Chevy LT 2500 truck ($54,000 new with its leather, 6.0 Vortec gas guzzling engine, and heavy duty disk brakes all around), but with the direction that GM/Chevy has went, I can guarantee that my next 4X4 truck will be a nicely priced; extremely reliable, fully loaded, V6 Toyota Tacoma TRD at $36,000 (and best of all the Tacoma has a very slow depreciation rate)!

The lower "entry level" vehicles Equinox, Cobalt, Epica, and now even the Silverado are nothing but a sad unreliability issue that continuously rips off young people, families, lower/middle income people, and anyone who doesn't want to waste money on an expensive vehicle.

Well, I'm now quite confident that my wife is traveling down the road of disappoint in her flashy little "Chevrolet Equinox lemon", and you guessed it, I picked this vehicle for her and I don't have the heart to show her the Equinox reviews on this website (male pride thing).

When her vehicle starts falling apart (and by the reviews here, it will) I guess we'll just eventually take the loss, and trade it in for something more reliable, and it won't be a GM/Chevy Vehicle.

I wish I knew about this website before we purchased our 2005 Equinox, I would have went with the Toyota RAV4 for my wife.

3rd May 2008, 12:40


I am very sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.

6th May 2008, 22:37

We leased a 2005 Equinox 4 years ago (June 2004) and it now has 133,000 kms. It is due to be returned in 1 month. We are in Canada so the vehicle was driven through the winter. We owned 2 Chevy Ventures before this vehicle that we were generally satisfied with. We found the gas consumption to be acceptable and comparable to the vans (same engine poser). While you would expect a certain amount of wear and tear with that many kilometers traveled, it is our impression that the 2005 Equinox model (or at least our unit) is a lemon.

1) The fabric stains remarkably easily

2) The paint on the buttons on the radio has worn off

3) The silver coating on the door handles has worn off

4) The rotors have been problematic

5) There are 2 paint chips the size of a dollar bill that simply came off an undamaged fender and door sill

6) On one wheel the silver coating is peeling off

7) We had the ignition problem

8) Daylight running lights don’t work anymore (covered under recall)

9) Steering column replaced

10) Loud squeaking sound coming from front end when turning right

11) Hydraulics on tail gate replaced

12) Etc. Etc.