15th May 2008, 22:27

This is a great thread going here.

I purchased my Equinox in April of 2004 ('05 model).

Have had to cut rotors three times now, and I am at about 72K miles now.

I am just taking this a 25K mile routine now, I can live with this. Also be aware that cutting or changing rotors might not resolve the issue if the true problem is being originated by a bad caliper which doesn't release.

Change your calipers too, find out which side is the one locking up or grinding on you.

My problem is always on the left side.

21st May 2008, 21:05

I purchased my 2005 AWD Chevy Equinox LS in April of 2005. Overall I have loved the car. I am in sales and drove the car many miles and it never let me down. However a couple weeks ago I went to drive it and it would not start. I thought it was the battery since I have since gotten a company car and was not driving the Equinox as frequently. I took it to the mechanic and the problem was not the battery or the starter. They found a broken wire, fixed it and it seemed to be running fine. One week later I took it on a 100 mile trip and after sitting for a couple hours it once again would not start. The mechanic cannot seem to find what the problem is. Has anyone has had this problem and found a solution to the problem?? I am probably going to sell it now but it needs to start first!

23rd May 2008, 13:41

I purchased my 2005 Equinox in March 2005. I have pretty had most of the problems mentioned here.

The paint on the interior chips easily. Looks terrible.

I drive for work and the seats are very uncomfortable.

My daytime running lights stopped working around 20k miles. Covered under warranty and no problems since.

Sometimes it doesn't want to start... sometimes it does.

Replaced the rotors twice, at 40k miles and 80k.

And best of all... at 82k miles, a blown head gasket. Great. Can't wait to get rid of this thing.

13th Jun 2008, 22:59

Bought a new 2005 Equinox in October of 2004 with 138 miles. Great car, loved it... until 40,000 rolled around. To the poster that wondered if we are "exaggerating" our problems... tell that to my checkbook.

40k-Replaced rotors and brakes, began to feel problems with the steering, chatter throughout.

50k- Squeaking in front suspension when turning, loud popping noise while turning from front suspension. Dealer I bought it from handled complaints VERY poorly, so I took it to another dealer.

55k- Had to have tie rods replaced, broken suspension arms, steering column shot, l shaft replaced. Complained of rattling noise while going over bumps after fixed, dealership said nothing found and "normal suspension chatter" yet I have never heard it on any of our vehicles before now.

60k- Took it back in because we thought a rear bearing was going bad as well as RF HUB. Both replaced.

67k- Starter would stop working at random times. Would take in to dealership, couldn't be duplicated, nothing done. Finally it started with what sounded like nuts and bolts in a blender combined with a high whine, could hardly drive it the ten miles to the dealer. Took apart the ignition and found an oil pan screw in it! Still has starting problems once in a great while.

78k- Same steering issues have popped up again, another bearing has gone out, premium sound system goes in and out with LOUD bass pops and radio stops working. We mentioned this before but because it couldn't be duplicated while being looked at nothing was done.

Delivery to present- Transmission often sticks while shifting out of third gear during normal acceleration. Let up on gas pedal a little and shifts. Also hear the aforementioned "Thu-thump Thu-thump" after starting vehicle.

I am sitting at 80k miles as of today and trying to get the dealership to fix the front end again for free. These problems aren't new, yet GM has not done any recalls pertaining to such poorly made parts. Don't get me wrong, I love my Equinox... but I drove an 88 Blazer until 2002 and never had to replace anything beyond normal wear and tear. I can't see myself continuing to pour money and time into my three and half year old Equinox much longer.

We also own a 2007 Grand Prix that has now had FIVE l shafts replaced.

9th Jul 2008, 21:13

I am really surprised by all the negative comments placed on these websites. My wife bought one of the first 1000 Equinox's made ('05, bought in March of '04) and we have had practically no problems. We live in the Midwest and so drive it in all kinds of weather and use it for business. I am by no means a car junkie, can fiddle a little and do the simple maintenance myself. It has 100,000 miles on it and I am changing the brakes for the first time, changed the tires only once at 70,000 miles and they still had some wear left on them. I haven't brought it to the dealership for any inspections or maintenance. (one recall on the rear hatch) I do my own oil changes every 4-4,500 miles. The only complaint that I would have is that the upholstery did stain badly and wasn't washable. I'm sorry so many others have had problems because it's been a very solid car for us.

17th Jul 2008, 17:43

"59,640 km. Paint is pealing off the front and rear gold Chevy emblems (Dealership wouldn't fix it because it's considered cosmetic and not covered by my warranty)."

I feel as if I should put in my two cents. If this is their case, Chevrolet does not care about their image. Literally.

"My car broke down 126 times in 45 days!"

I don't know - three times a day?

My uncle owns a 2003 Saturn Vue, a shortened version of the Equinox/Torrent. I am surprised with GM. With all the problems on the Vue which WAS RELEASED IN 2002 AS A 2003, why would they expand the body and give it two new names? Anyway, my uncle will never buy GM again.

27th Aug 2008, 22:02

Same thump sound. This 05 thumps after the engine is turned off. Weird, really weird, 2 thumps every time.

Also the starter drags every once in a while. Will kick over after a few times, then fine. Hope it won't strand me one day?

Overall the car OK, only 24k, no other issues. If car gave me issues like all I've read, I would have got rid before going to the dealer and paying so many times like other people did.

Give me a break, get rid of it before going back and back to the honest LOL money making dealers.

10th Sep 2008, 16:27

I purchased a 2005 Equinox LT with all of the bells and whistles and luxury, it was GM certified with 11,000 miles on it and paint job in mint condition. My CD player has gone out after warranty expiration, I have had to take it in for the rotors dragging, they adjusted them but I had to pay for the alignment. I have had the starter to disengage, but what really gets next to me is the CD player. There are other sites that exclusively complain about this issue and GM does not have a recall. It is stated that the radio/cd players are manufactured by DELCO, who has been know for major recalls even on auto parts. Please e-mail GM customer care or call because something needs to be done. I presently have 27,200 miles on the vehicle, the only two issues I deal with is the starter disengaging from time to time and the cd player. My step-son who is a certified GM specialist along with 15 other certifications, stated that the Equinox is known for the starter issues. They need to revamp what they are doing or stop making them. I paid cash for my vehicle and I tell you, if I continue to have issues I am going to have to sell it, and purchase one of my favorite cars, a Nissan Altima.