9th Mar 2011, 15:04

People buy foreign because there is a lot less to fix on them, if anything at all. GM hasn't learned how to compete yet. Maybe they won't until they are actually allowed to fail and regroup. Then they might just take auto design and quality a bit more seriously.

24th Mar 2011, 16:42

Does anyone know where I can get new radio station buttons for the 05 Chevy Equinox?

2nd Apr 2011, 22:54

My wife and I purchased a Equinox a year ago with 53,000m. We like the looks and the stereo works to cover up all the parts rattling off the car.

We are now finding out the short stories we read about the car before we bought it were true. I was so sad to read your blog. We bought this car so I could feel my wife was safe and would not be left on the side of the road with her one year one nephew and Grand Mother with Alzheimer's like the last car did. This has been years since you wrote this, I pray you have found peace with your situation. If Jesus drove a car today, I would guess it would not be a Equinox, Chevy sure let us down with this one.

19th May 2011, 16:34


A word of advice for all of those thinking of buying a piece of $#!T Chevy!!! Don't!!! Many dealers will take your money, and continue to once you have purchased the car!!. I say stick to what is best... A well made "German" or "Truly Japanese car", not the ones they make in Canada and the US; those are garbage as well.

My next car will be a Toyota built in Japan. A Highlander or 4Runner!...

Good luck from a soon to be ex-American car driver. Currently driving a piece of $#!T Chev Equinox, on which the head gaskets died after driving for only 47000km, not miles, KM!!.

Good luck to everyone out there that drives these. Be ready to spend lots of $$$$$.

20th May 2011, 09:44

My folks owned a Blazer that was a money pit, and we maintained it too. Seems like GM still hasn't figured out how to make a reliable SUV.

24th May 2011, 15:47

I have the same problems. I'm on my 4th set of rotors and 2nd set of calipers. I hate being the test subject for the more recent models.

3rd Jun 2011, 21:03

I found out the thumping noise is some type of vacuum pump that helps check for vapor leaks in the fuel tank. My mechanic told me it is activated when you are below 1/2 tank. I have always wondered what this was, and now I can sleep. As for the spongy steering and brakes... I don't know.

15th Jun 2011, 16:05

I still love my 2005 Equinox. I bought it new and now have 130,000 miles on it. I've never had to do more than normal and expected maintenance.

20th Jun 2011, 09:37

I have a 2005 Equinox I bought used. It has been no problem for the first year and my car hit 90k.

I had a noise when I made right turns and got louder after I hit a pothole that was filled with rain. I took it to Meineke thinking it was an alignment issue and after 3 mechanics test driving and other tests, it was determined I needed sway bars. They replaced them and noise is gone as one was ready to snap.

Next they tell me I am going to need struts which I think I needed as the car dips to the right and is slow coming back up, but I was told it was in my head. Will get them replaced as soon as I can come up with the money as I am sure they are not cheap.

Windows making noise when down is you have to crack another window to ease the noise unless it is only the drivers side down as the noise is deafening.

My car makes wide turns which is a pain to get into a parking spot at times and when I make quick turns it sounds like my tires are rubbing, but checked and are to co specs. Anyone else having the tire problem?

26th Jun 2011, 23:25

1 have a 2005 Equinox. The dealer returned it and immediately I could not get the key in the ignition. I called them back, asking what did they do. Said nothing. Then when I used it, I had no trouble, the key went in fine.

A month later, returned it for just stopping. Felt it was a short. As soon as mechanic tried to put the key in, he said it was hard to get in. Next thing he calls me and said the key broke in the ignition. I have to pay 400. He told me my key was worn and that was the cause. Really pissed, as I think I should been told when it happened a month ago, and a new key is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole ignition system, and they should not have used force to push the key. I feel they should be responsible for doing the damage. Calling the manager in the morning to chew them out.

Advice to you - replace worn out keys.

3rd Jul 2011, 20:11

I am a 2005 Equinox owner, and I see a lot of people having a problem with shaking when reaching a certain speed. I too had the same problem, and did a lot research on drive shaft issues, and found that the carrier bearing goes out in this vehicle. I took it to my dealership, and that is exactly what was wrong with it. They fixed it, and YES!!! No more shaking.

6th Jul 2011, 19:27

Wow. Sorry to hear everyone is having so much difficulty with the Equinox. I purchased mine new in 2006. It now has over 75,000 miles on it. The only thing I have had to replace was the struts just this last month. I follow the maintenance book for flushes etc. and have had no problems.

25th Jul 2011, 22:44

What can we do about this problem? There were so many Equinox bought, and so many have these problems. I feel so ripped off. It is not fair that they get away with this. It is time for Chevy to fess up to the bad car they made, and start fixing them all like Toyota did. We need to take action against Chevy regarding this problem!!!

1st Aug 2011, 12:04

We own a 2005 Chevy Equinox LT AWD, and like so many others, out of nowhere when my wife started the car after work, the check engine light came on and white smoke out of the exhaust - blown head gasket.

My question is how much did others pay for the repair, and did it resolve the problem once and for all?

1st Aug 2011, 19:10

You mentioned the CD problem, but there were no specifics. I too am having the stuck CD problem, but no one knows how to begin to fix it without ripping the entire player out. Could you tell more about the difficulty and what repairs were done? I would be very grateful.

Thank you -- Maria

4th Aug 2011, 10:36

I also bought my 2005 Equinox in 2006 with 21,000.

As soon as I left the dealership, the antenna broke off all by itself. My passenger visor fell off; still don't have one, very annoying.

At 49000 my bearing went out. I purchased an extended warranty for the entire loan. Not what I paid for; at first they refused to fix it. I paid 1200 for the extra insurance. I complained and they charged me $200.

Then the rotors both side went out, sway bar, brakes 3x, front rotors, rear drums.

Now my car won't start half the time. It needs a starter. Sucks gas like it is water and chugs like a 20 year old truck.

The inside is just as bad; water leaves stain marks, the paint on the heater knobs is coming off. Never could use my radio.

I could have bought 2 cars for the amount of money I put into this piece of junk. Pay a car payment and buy a part. I am rebuilding the truck. I think we should be reimbursed for all the outrageous things that have gong wrong with the 2005 Equinox. Oh yeah, it is rusting too LOL.

As for me, Chevy is junk, and I will never buy one again. My dad thought Chevy's were the best in 1960, can't say that now...