26th Apr 2012, 15:09

Hey friend! To solve the problem you've got.

1. Change the transmission oil.

2. Check all filters.

3. Check your car's brake system.

6th Mar 2014, 23:53

I have the same problem with my QQ. The car would shake and rattle when decelerating, particularly when you press on the brakes. It feels like the car is running out of gas.

I brought it to the service center, and the technician said that this is due to the speed sensor calibration. He brought out a computer and ran a diagnostic program, and indeed the speed sensor error came out. He reset this (using the same computer) and the car runs smoothly.

I ask him what causes this, and one possible cause he mentioned is that the speed sensor de-calibrates if the electricity is removed; that happens during a battery change. The best solution then is to have the unit be brought to a Chery service center after every battery change should you feel the same "shaking during deceleration" issue.

Hope this helps.