4th Sep 2011, 06:03

Hello, am a firsthand owner of a Liteace '96 (P537T that time), and have not had problems with overheating. Yes, the temp will rise up to half when stuck in traffic with the aircon on (also when you force the engine too much just like when driving up the Marcos Hiway to Baguio - where I live), that's normal as there is lack of fresh air as when compared to hi-way drive. You will notice the thermal clutch of the cooling fan engage when it senses the radiator to be too hot. I always follow 24 months rule to change the coolant with original Toyota long life coolant red fluid - there's the ready premixed and the concentrate which needs a 1:1 mix ratio. Only use DISTILLED water for mixing (ABSOLUTE brand distilled drinking water will do, not the mineral type). When topping up the reservoir, just put the same coolant mix, not TAP water - or you're inviting corrosion and clogging in the cooling system.

Putting the correct Iridium spark plugs can extend next cleaning up to 2 years. I have modified the contact point ignition system to use with an Electronic Igniter (Toyota surplus from Malaysia) and I have not replaced contact point since year 2001.

Yes, 80 kph is the optimum speed for efficient fuel consumption. It can go 140kph, but gulps fuel, and is also unsafe because of the short wheel base - this could be one reason why Toyota just put a 5K engine in there, though a 7K EFI of the Tamaraw would have been more appropriate.

13th Oct 2016, 09:14

My car also has the problem of the temperature goes high when stuck in traffic. The temperature goes down when driving fast. Liteace 5k engine.

2nd Nov 2016, 14:46

When you are driving fast, more air goes thru the radiator. That is why the temp. goes down. When you are stuck in traffic, nothing else cools down your radiator but the fan. Now if the temp. goes up when stuck in traffic, there must be something wrong with your cooling fan. If it's mechanically driven by the engine, check the clutch of the fan. But if it's electrically driven, check the fan motor/s, engine coolant temp. sensor (ECTS), or worst... the wiring, that could be eaten up by some rodents, unless you've hired a cat to guard the underhood. Hehe... kidding.