20th Apr 2013, 07:07

Thanks for sharing your opinion. The reality is that a car won't pass a vehicle inspection with a check engine light on. The inspector is not interested in your argument or opinion as to whether it poses a safety issue or not. And frankly, the rest of us aren't, either. If you can get away with driving your beater with all kinds of dash lights lit up, then good for you.

21st Apr 2013, 06:23

So you break the law and drive with no tags? There are a lot of things I do not appreciate about government laws and regulations. You can avoid paying taxes and then sit it Lewisberg Pa Prison in my area. It's the law. I have an old car that runs fantastic with no catalytic converters. You go through inspection here with no cats on a late model; it's a brick sitting in a driveway with no tags. I do not know what your point is. If you want to drive on the street, you need tags. My state Delaware makes you return your metal plate as well on the back of your car. Then your insurance company sends a letter that you have zero insurance. I know as I went through this. If you have a legal way, other than moving from the Northeast area of the USA, by ignoring and doing nothing with your cars, let us know. I need tags so I can drive to work.