1st Feb 2014, 08:41

Incredible - I absolutely LOVE my "new" but used 2006/H3/Hummer that I just bought on 9 Jan 14; unfortunately now with "misfire codes" and the engine feeling like it's going to drop out of the bay, I am feeling the woes of that decision.

Calling the dealer to get it in for their analysis; to know all these problems existed and continue to, GM should do the right thing and post the proper recalls.

Honest working folks should not be taken for a ride like this - please let me know if a lawsuit engages, I'm in. Please email jcarle95@yahoo.com

6th Apr 2015, 20:09

Well I can join the club. I had a water pump, thermostat, and axle seal driver put on in June 2014. $550.00.

Then a throttle body 02/21/2015. $527.95.

Then had to have another water pump replaced along with the radiator and thermostat. $550.37.

Then 2 days later. the check engine light comes on and it's blowing coolant. Took it to a shop specializing in Hummer work, and he said it had more problems and it would be cheaper to replace the engine than to fix. Looking at $6000.00.

I have a 2007 Hummer H3 with 102,000.