1st Oct 2013, 14:00

Hi, my name is Anthony. I live in CA, own a 2007 H3, and had the engine warning light come on 6 months ago. It became intermittent, did a valve clean, recommended by GM dealer, now they tell me it needs a new cylinder head. Quote is $3,000+. The dealer says we can't give you a fixed price as we may find other issues once we get the head off!

The service guy confirms GM has sent bulletins out on this issue; this has to be a nationwide problem. I only have 85,000 miles, but this is major hit.

Email me at arowe2381@gmail.com. Is there a class action suit underway?

Is ringing GM customer service worth the time, apart from personal therapy?

Cheers any help appreciated.

Anthony 10/1/2013

13th Oct 2013, 01:04

I wish I had done research before I bought a used Hummer. Drove it home and the engine light came on on the way. Dealership says possible head replacement advised, code p0300, misfire on cylinder 4. Need to perform a leak down test to confirm. $5,000 Canadian to R & R. I am not a happy camper!

29th Oct 2013, 11:16

I just purchased a used 2006 H3 5 cylinder with 109,000 miles on it, and I also have had the smell of steaming antifreeze odor coming from around the vehicle after it has been driven. After 3 weeks the antifreeze reservoir is showing about 16 oz. low, which indicates "BLOWN HEAD GASKET". The coolant is a liquid; when heated it generates pressure and steam. This pressurized steam is supposed to go back to the radiator cap overflow, back to the reservoir. But with a blown head gasket or cracked head, it can release this steam either through the exhaust pipe, the intake or plenum, or between the head and the block where the head gasket is, or even into the cylinder bore where the spark plug is causing cylinder misfire codes.

I believe a class action law suit is in order here. I'm in.


3rd Nov 2013, 19:43

Wow people, I didn't really know we could sue, and didn't know this site existed. I purchased my 06 new off the lot, and before 5000 miles I replaced the #1 coil and plug. And it's been replaced about every 5000 miles. I have to say, this is 2013 and I'm only at 35000 miles.

24th Nov 2013, 20:57

I just got my '06 - low vin # - 76,000 miles H3 back from the dealer. $3,500 for head and valve work. Service manager said he contacted GM for help, but too high mileage. Mileage shouldn't matter as this was a known problem and a ticking time bomb that could have gone off at 100 or 100,000 miles. I love my Hummer and decided not to trade for a new vehicle 4 weeks ago. The problem started 3 days later (my luck). If this were just "one of those things" I would be OK with it, but when they knew of problem and had no recall, I have a problem with it. Please post any updates of any class action info. that may come about on this post.

Thanks, Mark.

4th Dec 2013, 20:08

My 2008 H3 has 86000 miles, and the multiple cylinder misfire code has been coming on. Dealer put fuel cleaner in it, saying that carbon may be on the intake valve. Didn't fix it. Replaced the spark plugs yesterday, but it still idles rough, so I know the CEL will be on soon. I am interested in getting in on a class action lawsuit.


6th Dec 2013, 12:40

I would also be interested in joining the law suit. My 2007 H3 is having the same problems. I can be emailed at bduncan1971@gmail.com

Thank you, Becky.

7th Dec 2013, 17:11

I can't fathom why anyone would want a vehicle like the thankfully now defunct Hummer. It was the automotive poster child for waste and inefficiency. It's great that these things are no longer available to clutter our roads. There are and always were so many sensible alternatives to them.

10th Dec 2013, 11:50

This is just a small H3, not a very desirable H1. What waste? Make mine a Cayenne Turbo.

16th Dec 2013, 18:12

Wow, I did not know this site existed.

I have all of the same above problems with my 2006 H3 with only 93,000 miles, and the list is getting longer (thought it was just my Hummer).

I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, not to mention that I have just purchased my Hummer in Oct, 2013 for $18,000. Before purchasing the vehicle and after a few questions, the dealer assured me that it was one of the best produced vehicles, but never once did he mention anything about all of the defects (defrauding the consumer). The dealer is still selling these lemons (used) knowing these problems exist and they should be held accountable.

Anyone filing a law suit against GM or who has any further information, please contact me (John) at Dolphinsjoy68@cox.net. I want in on it. Maybe good old Uncle Sam will give them another bailout to pay us back!!!

3rd Jan 2014, 05:06

Hello, guy from Canada here. I think I have problems as well. A 2006 H3 and it has a blown head gasket. I have had plug problems, exhaust problems, bearing and rack and pinion problems, and sunroof issues, as well as electrical problems. If there is a lawsuit, I want in also, because the cost of fixing everything, especially well known issues, is mounting. I really love my Hummer, but can't keep up with all the TSBs they have, and the only recall is for the hood louver...

Ben is the name, and my email is shak_ben@hotmail.com

Thanks guys.

3rd Jan 2014, 16:40

Wow, I just found out that the head needs to be replaced on the 2006 H3 I purchased 2 months ago. Check engine light came and was misfiring. Had plugs and boots replaced, then 2 days later it came on again. GM dealer ran a compression test and said it was a bad head. Now I am looking at about $2700 to get it fixed. I agree we need to start class action against GM; they knew it had problems.

10th Jan 2014, 15:51

I have a 2006 Hummer H3. I just had to replace the head gasket with only 32K miles on my Hummer this last week. It cost me $2800. Cylinder 2 and cylinder 5 had misfires, with the cylinder 2 misfire numbers going through the roof. Now it seems to run fine, but when I take off at times, the RPM drops below 500. At idle it sits a little lower than 750 RPM.

As for the person that said they were glad they were off the road, it is a 5-cylinder and at the time was getting the same if not better gas mileage than a truck -- 15 to 18 MPG. Now one has to pay 40-50K to get a truck that produces 18 to 24.

26th Jan 2014, 17:14

I have a 2006 H3 with 113,000 miles and the dreaded head issue. My Hummer is at the dealership as we speak, getting a new head gasket and cylinder head 01/27/14. $2,900 - ridiculous for a known issue that the manufacturer is aware of. My VIN# falls in the range where possible issues can occur.

Well, after my warranty expired, my known issues showed their ugly face. If this is a known issue, then it shouldn't matter what mileage is on the vehicle, and should be at the expense of the manufacturer.

I am interested in a class action... Email me at: mcg30stjude@yahoo.com