1st Feb 2014, 08:41

Incredible - I absolutely LOVE my "new" but used 2006/H3/Hummer that I just bought on 9 Jan 14; unfortunately now with "misfire codes" and the engine feeling like it's going to drop out of the bay, I am feeling the woes of that decision.

Calling the dealer to get it in for their analysis; to know all these problems existed and continue to, GM should do the right thing and post the proper recalls.

Honest working folks should not be taken for a ride like this - please let me know if a lawsuit engages, I'm in. Please email jcarle95@yahoo.com

1st Feb 2014, 13:54

I have a 2007 H3... Diagnostics is showing P2219, P0351, P0300 & P0014. I'm at 65000 miles and it has been having misfire and idling problems for a while now... Every time I took it in to the dealer, they said there was nothing they could find. This last time they ran a diagnostics, it cost me $90. I had to ask for the diagnostics paper (they were going to send me away without it). I believe after reading some of these complaints that the P0300 is the same as everyone else's complaints, such as misfire & idling bad or coils... Of course I had to look up the meaning of it, because that was the only code they did not write next to on my diagnostics...

7th Feb 2014, 20:54

06 H3, 97000 miles, same damn thing.

I'm all for anything to save me some bucks. I'm on disability and I have no extra money, so I'm stuck. Tried to trade it at a Chevy dealership for an 05 Z-71; they checked it, same codes. They offered to trade, but need a lot of cash down. After taking out the cost to repair, I was offered $3500 for the H3 for trade; I owe $9900!! I can't even trade down.

I've been a Chevy man since my first car, which was a 72 Ford Pinto. This is the Chevy version of it... put 4 heads on the Pinto, but they were a lot cheaper in the day!

Enough babble. If anyone does anything, class action or whatever, I'm all in.

Please email anything I can do to help. I can't afford to fix or even trade down! Had it about a year, and at the first fill up the light came on. Been buying sensors, plugs, coil pack, etc!

Thanks, Gary.

EMAIL IS... gonefishin@carolina.rr.com

This Chevy Man is looking elsewhere. God, if I bought a Ford I'd have to move I'd catch so much hell!!! LoL.

10th Feb 2014, 14:13

We own a 2006 Hummer H3. We have loved it until recently, we have been having misfire codes. Dealer said it could be a blown head gasket, it will cost close to $4000 to fix. I see too many owners having the same issue here. Please let me know if someone will file a suit. GM needs to recall this problem.


19th Mar 2014, 15:03

I had the same problem, and just replaced the coil pack for cylinder 5. It seemed to work for mine. But now the transfer case is gone. $2500 for that nonsense.

19th Mar 2014, 22:38

Hello all,

I have a 07 H3 and have roughly 80,000 miles on it. It is now having the oil pressure and misfire problem that everyone else is running into. Very disappointed because I liked the car before all the issues started to arise. If you all have started a law suit, I would like to be involved. You can contact me at poolshark8@hotmail.com

Thanks for all the info that people have posted!!

Hope we can all come together and get this resolved.

Thanks, Anthony

20th Mar 2014, 08:28

Bought 2006 H3 month ago... just had engine light come on. Showed #5 misfire... annoyed. Runs fine as of now, but will need to take it in. Traction and ABS lights came on and signaled warning, but washed the wheels out as dirt/salt accumulate. They went out on their own after drying.

20th Mar 2014, 08:31

I just posted about a 2006 H3 with #5 misfire... only at 74,000 miles.

Email is jodux@hotmail.com


30th Mar 2014, 03:51

I found out that the head needs to be replaced on my 2006 H3 I purchased a week ago. Check engine light came & was misfiring. Had the plugs replaced, then 2 days later it came on again. GM dealer said it was a bad head. $2300 to fix it. I agree we need to start a class action against GM; they knew it had problems. Email me at Essential28.YM@Gmail.com

8th Apr 2014, 19:08

Did you ever get this issue taken care of? Mine just started doing the same thing and I can't have it beeping every time I'm in traffic or at a stoplight... Email me at ryandogg7@gmail.com

15th Apr 2014, 03:49

I have been replacing plugs and coil packs on my '06 for the last two years. Funny how shortly after my warranty expires, they finally can "fully diagnose the problem". You guessed it, sticking valve in the cylinder head. Sticking so badly at times the engine shuts off while driving. Looking for options to fix now, just passed 99,000. Class action suit? I'm in. jmc033@gmail.com

15th Apr 2014, 17:15

Just reading thru all this stuff, and man GM is dirty! I can't believe the lack of integrity from some of those dealers. I will never give them my hard-earned money after reading all this stuff (I prefer all my vehicles older than 1989 anyway, but still). Good luck with your lawsuit guys, hope you stick it to em!

7th May 2014, 12:30

msgrant55@att.blackberry.net: Please contact me to start a class action law suit against GM for their 2009 H3. I started having problems before I reached the 50,000 mile point, and each time I needed repairs, I had to fight with GM, and still had to pay. These Hummers were NEVER any good, I purchased this H3 in 2009, paid cash, BRAND NEW. I'm very disappointed with GM and GM dealers. They did offer me $200... YES... $200 to trade.

9th May 2014, 23:42

I have the same problem :0(. Class action? I'm in:


12th May 2014, 16:14

I just bought my 2006 H3 less than 2 weeks ago and I am having the same issue. Antifreeze is leaking and was just told it sounded like a blown head gasket. I have been in the shop with it 6 times in the last 2 weeks. From issues with the head gasket, sunroof drain not working, the TPS light is on, and the BCM is now out. I can put antifreeze in and drive for a hour, and I might have an inch left in my container. I called GM and they said if people were actually having these issues, then a GM dealership needs to write out a service record about the heads or gaskets, and then we need to fax it to GM. Mine is at the dealer now. Here is the number that I contacted today. 866-790-5600

We need to get more complaints to open a investigation at GM. So please call!

2nd Jun 2014, 02:52

So many problems with the head it's not even funny. Just the other day I took it in early to get the 100,000 mile service, and they called me back saying my head needs to be replaced for 2300 dollars? For a known issue, I mean a very well known issue. Someone please let me know about a lawsuit.