9th Dec 2016, 13:24

Oil sending unit is probably bad.

11th Dec 2016, 04:16

Hello, I have a Hummer H3 as well, and radiator is leaking and the cylinders misfire and it idles rough. Now needs a head job. All the problems add up to be around 5 grand. Love the vehicle, but just tired of all the problems, and I see all the things going on with mine are common problems!! Something has to be done about this. Vehicles cost too much money to also be adding thousands of dollars worth of work into them as well. We need to take action against GM immediately get the ball rolling some how, some way. Add me in lyricsdew@yahoo.com.

2nd Jan 2017, 01:55

Me too! Engine light blinking, cylinder problems on an 06 Hummer. Alissamontoya@yahoo.com

13th Jan 2017, 23:15

I have 2006 H3 with 49000 miles and have just been told the motor is shot. I have had no problems with it until now. We purchased it in May 2014. Count me in for a class action lawsuit.


18th Jan 2017, 00:50

My 2006 H3 does the same. I am so frustrated with it. I've invested so much money on it already. I'm also interested in the suit. Marlymada@yahoo.com

25th Jan 2017, 01:55

I have the misfire issue with my 06 too. Filed a complaint with the NHTSB today requesting a recall investigation. If enough people do it, then they will have to look into it.

Add me to the class action list if it happens. Missy.ashe@gmail.com

29th Jan 2017, 10:36

Same here!!

2006 H3... randomly smokes... And burns oil a lot.

Gets wet inside because of the sunroof drain holes...

Ignition switch issues...

Im.in latinrockstar83@gmail.com


8th Feb 2017, 03:23

I'd like to be added to the list. I also have a 2006 H3 with issues. A.parisien90@gmail.com

10th Feb 2017, 02:03

Me too, just bought my 06 H-3, and the day after I bought it, the engine light came on with a misfire on #4. 75000 miles, been through coil pack, plugs, lots of Sea Foam, had the head leakdown test, but it passed at 10 percent. Also found out, after they charged me 400.00 for that test, that the head was replaced at 30000 miles. They think my injector is clogged now. Had this piece of crap for 3 weeks now and am sick already. a1tony@outlook.com

23rd Mar 2017, 19:24

Love the Hummer. I'm going to replace the piece of junk 5 cylinder with an LS3 from a Camaro I found totaled. I hope it sucks more fuel for all the tree hugging hippies that drive electric cars!!!

18th Apr 2017, 02:40

Bought my 06 H3 in 08 with 40 thousand miles on it.

Now it has 175 thousand and has been nearly trouble free; all the repairs that have been needed were front and rear brake pads, a set of spark plugs, radiator cap, and early oil changes every 3 thousand miles.

Now at 175 thousand it's got cylinder head problems causing a number 3 misfire. I'm not crying and complaining and trying to sue GM; the fact is it's my car not GM's; I own it and will have to repair it. I have been a mechanic for over 30 years and don't understand people's mentality that their costly car repair is someone else's problem.

21st Jul 2017, 14:19

Just buying my first H3, did not leave the lot, coolant leak, radiator replaced, 90921 miles.

26th Jul 2017, 03:20

Has a law suit ever started yet, victim here from dealer...

26th Jul 2017, 14:16

Thank God for one voice of reason.

12th Sep 2017, 23:24

The H3 Hummer is a bad product and GM is not standing by the product. I believe reporting the vehicle a lemon is the best way to win with GM and the dealerships. GM is basically a bad seller of cars; do not buy from GM.

13th Sep 2017, 10:52

I have had 3-5 GMs at any given time and disagree. Never owned this model, but a variety of others. Most new. I am aware of engine issues on these as a coworker's daughter has one. This model in all its forms and sizes simply never appealed to me. I have had Crossovers to a high top conversion van from GM. And Silverados for trucks. So escaped the engine woes of this model. I agree, bypass this one, but not all of the GMs.

27th Nov 2017, 00:18

06 Hummer H3, update, now at 80000 miles and more money spent, took it back for ANOTHER leakdown test, turns out after 4 tests, the leak happened on one of those tests. Need another new head. Spent close to 1000.00 just to find out that I need to spend another 4300.00 on this piece of garbage that General Motors built. Need that lawsuit people!!!


6th Dec 2017, 13:37

I bought my Hummer H3 2006 about 3 years ago from a private owner. This vehicle has been a nightmare. Since then, I have rebuilt the engine, changed the thermostat like 3 times, changed cylinder 1 and 5, put in all new sensors, put in a brand new gas pump, new oil seals, fixed A/C and heater, took in to a dealer to replace the blower motor due to a recall... basically anything you can think of, it has been done and this car still consumes oil. I have to keep buying oil all the time.

Right now I'm currently working on fixing the heater because it doesn't work. It has cost me thousands of dollars to repair this car and it's still giving me problems.

Has anyone started a lawsuit? I would love to get included in it. Please I need help.


9th Dec 2017, 05:34

All these H3 owners posting here their tales of woe... but all waiting for someone else to file a lawsuit?

9th Dec 2017, 15:14

I’d just sell it and simply buy a Rubicon or something else. I do not want the stress and repeated problems. Who feels like taking up a bunch of time in service visits or lawsuits.

10th Dec 2017, 05:38

If you were in the situation, how would you take action?

10th Dec 2017, 13:21

Sell it privately to an experienced mechanic if possible that can deal with the issues directly. And not feel guilt passing a trouble prone vehicle onto a consumer unaware of the issues. That’s what I would do.

11th Dec 2017, 06:43

Please add me to the class action suit.

2007 Hummer H3.

Misfire issues.

Replaced transmission.

Sun roof leaks.

Engine light always on.


22nd Mar 2018, 06:55

I bought an 06 H3 and have same problem that everybody is having with misfiring and burning oil. It has 138,000 miles, and since new I have replaced a rattling catalytic converter, a leaky radiator and a thermostat.