22nd May 2015, 22:26

2006 Hummer H3, 150,000 miles, cylinder 5 misfire since 80,000 miles. Same as all the listed complaints. I purchased this vehicle new in 06 and love it, but can't afford to fix it. A lawsuit is warranted.


9th Jun 2015, 13:11

I have a 2006 H3 also. My story is a little different. I have 240,000 miles on it and only replaced the normal wear items (brakes, tires, oil changes). I take very good care of it and do not want to get rid of it. I am now experiencing the same issues of misfiring and oil consumption. With 240,000 I would expect it. I will replace the motor and also the catalytic converter for about $6,500.00, and hope I get another 3-4 years out of it.


12th Jun 2015, 00:59

Hi, I have a 2008 H3, 67,000 miles only and have misfire 2. They checked everything and are now stating the engine needs to be replaced.

13th Jul 2015, 23:08

Has anyone started a class action suit yet? I have not received notice in the mail. I'm willing to initiate a suit, but don't wish to do so if someone has already started action. Add catalytic converter to the long list of H3 issues.

27th Jul 2015, 17:08


My name is Elisa. H3 2007 here. Cylinder #4 we were quoted between $3400-$4200 by two Chevy dealerships to fix.

I have a couple of questions for all of you who have been dealing with this already:

1) Do we have an explanation/cause for the issue, or is it something that is "randomly" happening to all of us and "it is NOT a recall worthy" issue?

2) Does anyone have a contact # to reach someone about Hummers now that they are "gone"?

3) Has anyone had this happen more than once?

4) Is there a recall by now, or as I said in #1, is it not "a big deal"?

Is there a class action suit about it, yet?

In a rental right now, trying to decide what to do about selling after we fix, but I also do not want to be the one sued by Carmax or a future owner because I did not disclose the problem!!!

My email: elliethebugg@gmail.com

27th Jul 2015, 18:20

I am definitely interested!

Please let's get in touch and let's see what we can do as far as starting one.

My mail is elliethebugg@gmail.com

Thanks! Elisa.

16th Aug 2015, 14:39

Please add me to the list. My H3 06 has misfire codes and I've done everything but a compression test. That's next. Please keep me updated. a_estep23@yahoo.com. This most definitely should be a recall...

22nd Aug 2015, 20:28

I am having the same issue and was told by my mechanic it's the oil pressure sensor that needs to be replaced. They run from $28-$35 dollars for the part and can be easily replaced. My mechanic said he'd do it for free.

27th Aug 2015, 20:00

My 2006 H3 burnt due to electrical issues. Any lawsuits for this common problem that they finally have done a recall for? lisawells@shaw.ca

29th Aug 2015, 00:27

Well, I have a similar complaint... 08 Hummer H3 with valve and head issues. Is there a class action suit yet? GM, fix this error please!

4th Oct 2015, 13:55

I have leaking valve problem (cylinder 5). It's a common problem with all Hummers. GM should call for recall or at least pay for the parts.

12th Oct 2015, 15:01

Hello. My H3 is misfiring as well. Was told 5 months ago I would need new heads at some point. Check engine light is on and no huge issues, other than it rough idles at times. More so when the air conditioner is on.

27th Oct 2015, 16:11

Well hello fellow Hummer lovers. I'm sad they made such a pretty car with so many mechanical issues.

Yes, I have had the dreaded misfires at idle since about 50,000 miles; it has just recently turned into power loss at idle and power loss while driving at around 92,000.

Let's thrown in the wire harness that powers the temperature control that almost set my car on fire, and they still have not made a replacement part for it, even after releasing a court ordered recall.

Please, if there is help, let me know, I am feeling cheated and violated.

My address is Charmin14u@gmail.com

p.s. I have contacted Hummer several times; they claim to have sent me all repair/recall notices; I have never gotten a notice from these people.

1st Nov 2015, 17:14

I am having the same problem. What has anyone concluded?

My email is Covarrubio94@yahoo.com

11th Nov 2015, 06:01

I need to file up on this issue also.


Contact me and I will get involved also.


16th Nov 2015, 23:08

I have a 2008 Hummer with 124,000 miles and was told today I had a bad head. Had several misfires. Was told had to replace the head in the shop right now, the cost is $3,000. Ooch, what a day!!

Add me to the law suit. Contact me at pelar@etcmail.com

15th Dec 2015, 03:21

I just got the dreaded blinking engine light. And from reading all your comments, it sounds bad!! I'm tired of this crap. Leaking sun roof, and motor issues! We need to take action. Not sure what the laws are for a class action lawsuit. But I'm all in for it. Jerry_mastro@hotmail.com

18th Dec 2015, 22:55

2006 H3, 106000 miles, code 0305, misfire cylinder 5. New plugs, no help. Hope it is an injector or coil pack, not a cylinder head.

27th Dec 2015, 14:36

I am also interested in a 2006 Hummer lawsuit. I have had mine for a year now, and I have invested a good amount of money, and the engine light is still coming on. If there is a lawsuit, contact me at spirit_fire01@hotmail.com. I am in Florida.

28th Dec 2015, 21:36

I have a 2006 H3 as well. 120,000 miles on it. Replaced the thermostat about 2K back. Now burning through oil as fast as I can put it in. No visible leaks, but an occasional cloud of white smoke at start up. Believe it is the head. Please add me to any legal actions:


4th Jan 2016, 19:01

Please add me to the lawsuit. I have a 2006 H3 that had a #3 cylinder replaced at 114,000 mile and was just informed today that I now need the #5 cylinder replaced at 137,000 miles... Of course GM only warranties the repair for 1 year or 12,000 miles! This is ridiculous! I love this car, but GM needs to do something about replacing this engine or a fix that will actually FIX the problem.

My email is: showamom13@aol.com

4th Jan 2016, 23:05

Sign me up. My car is in the shop to check the misfire. Got a call for bad cylinder compression. Head or cylinder problem. Starting quote of 3560.00... only 31000 miles on it. I'm not a happy camper... The Colorado with the same engine (3.5L 5) was recalled for the exact problem, but no Hummer.

Please include me with any legal action... a_estep23@yahoo.com... thanks.

7th Jan 2016, 16:06

Have you heard of any class action law suit yet? My 06 H3 cylinder head just went bad at 30000 miles... I'm more than furious.

12th Jan 2016, 19:46

I am curious if anyone knows if there have been any class action law suits started against GM yet on all the H3 issues? I have replaced my cylinder now for the third time since I had this car! One at 74,000 & one at 90,000. And now at 137,000, but it actually went bad at 119,000, but the dealer was desperately trying to convince me it wasn't the cylinder... but it was... grrrr... Anyway I would be very much happy to initiate something with a group or all by myself if need be. I can be reached at showamom13@aol.com