2nd Dec 2011, 15:40

I too have a 2006 H3 Hummer with the exact same problems.. After $2300 worth of repair work.. my check engine light came on and I was told the #1 cylinder head needed repair at the price of $4000... This will be the third time the same cylinder head needed repair... After contacting GM, I was told that this was a bad batch and nothing could be done. If there are enough 2006 H3 owners with the same problem, we need to start a class action lawsuit..

19th Dec 2011, 15:43

My 2006 H3 also needs a new cylinder head now. Has anyone started anything about this? I haven't contacted GM yet, because I'm waiting to get a cylinder leakage test done in Wednesday to ensure that this is the problem. If anyone has any information, please let me know. This shouldn't be happening on a vehicle like this. Thank you.


21st Dec 2011, 11:53

So after the leakage test, I have 80 percent leakage. Cost to repair is $2300. I am working with GM customer service right now, but if that doesn't work, I'm going to a attorney. A 2006 H3 has the same engine as a 2006 Chevy Colorado. GM put out a safety notice, bulletin No: 07123A about this problem on the Colorado. 2004-2006 Chevy Colorados are covered on this problem until 100,000 miles or six years. So if both are GM products, with the same motor, why wasn't it done on H3? GM knows of the problem, but you put Hummer on it, and they tell us to bug off.

28th Dec 2011, 16:10

2008 H3 Hummer with 42k miles running rough... At the dealership for a week now, they are replacing the cylinder head (warranty), but charging me to clean the fuel injector and throttle. Uncertain, since I'm now seeing lots of info about #5 cylinder head being replaced, but doesn't resolve the problem.

Anyone have any additional info on this issue and what I should do? Was unemployed for 2 years, so this vehicle is a major "investment" for me. Has GM issued a recall on this issue? Info please :-(

10th Jan 2012, 20:28

I have an 06 H3, and have nothing but trouble with the engine, front differential & hub bearing. Engine replaced at 58K miles, and with new one at 35K miles. All the gaskets are leaking oil. Not to mention a bunch of other problems.

10th Jan 2012, 20:30

I would be happy to join a class action. My 2006 H3 after 50K miles has nothing but problems - the same as others on this comment page.

1st Feb 2012, 12:43

2006 H3 - 122,000 miles - have had no problems till now. Valve #5 gone.. would love to go in on a class action suit.

24th Feb 2012, 19:42

06 H3 - 122k miles. Check engine light kept coming on. Spark plugs replaced, fuel injector. Light still on. Now my mechanic says valve problem...

1st Apr 2012, 22:04

I have a 2008 white H3, and also have those rust spots. I took mine to the dealer where I had bought it less than a year prior. They buffed it out and it returned multiple times, then they used some sort of acid remover. Although worried about what it might do to my paint, I allowed it, because my car looked like it had the chicken pox. There was no out of pocket cost, besides driving there and wasting my time; about 5 visits total. Then they told me there was nothing else they could do for me. It's still there!! I complained formally, and they said it was environmental.

Oh, I have had 2 recalls on mine also.

Love the look and concept of the car, but really shouldn't have had to deal with all this stuff; it's been a pain.

Not giving up. I'm hoping they will do something about it. Maybe I will need to call the news, but I'm sure not gonna end up paying for a rust bucket.

24th Apr 2012, 10:35

I would like to get involved in this. I tried to call someone in customer service, but they told me that my VIN number does not fall under the bulletin for cylinder leakage, even though it is a cylinder leakage just as the bulletin states. They could only recommend that I take it to a GM repair facility, and I would have to pay for all of the cost. It is a 2006 H3 with 122,000 miles on it. We have maintained the vehicle, only having repairs done at GM dealership. I am completely frustrated with these people.

14th May 2012, 08:36

2006 H3 Transfer case failure due to faulty plastic Y adapter installed.. dealer reinstalled new titanium Y adapter at a cost of $460 in labor and parts. No reimbursement from GM, they denied the existence of the defective part. This will be my last GM car... I'm done!

14th May 2012, 18:17

Yes, I'd love to do that. Do you know how we get started?

21st May 2012, 08:25

I would love to join this law suit. I have a 2007 H3 with 69,000. The head has been replaced. Now in the shop for the transmission for the third time. GM will pay or I'm going to hire an attorney. I will never own another GM product as long as I live. I'm done with their junk.

You can contact me at calvinmoses@ymail.com

26th Jun 2012, 21:08

I currently own a 2006 Hummer H3.. Engine problems, cylinders bad, and now the engine light won't stop going on. I am at my wit's end!

9th Aug 2012, 09:00

2006 Hummer H3 103,000 miles. Having problems with my #4 cylinder, still diagnosing the problem, but getting the misfire code P0300 and the pressure is low on #4. Just blew my radiator and water pump in the last two months. Got her all tricked out for off-roading, just like I want. I love the truck, but this is making me want to trade her in.

15th Nov 2012, 21:13

I have a 2008 H3. I've owned it for a year now. The day after I bought it, the low tire pressure sensor came on. I was told it was faulty. Then I've been plagued with a constant check engine light for 10 months. Never could find a reason why. I spend more time in my husband's car than my own. This week I was told it was an emissions and valve problem, and my radiator was cracked. Dealer did $1400 in repairs. Two days later the check engine light is back on. I had my sights set on this car since 2006. Now I feel it was the costliest mistake of my life. I should have stayed with Acura.

26th Nov 2012, 12:13

I have a 2006. I ended up suing GM and got a good amount of money. In CA, if you take your car into the dealer for repairs and the SAME problem keeps arising, you can have a lawsuit for purchasing a "lemon car".

3rd Dec 2012, 08:04

2006 H3, 56k miles. No major issues yet, It runs phenomenal, especially on road trips over 400+ miles between Atlanta, Nags Head, and Daytona Beach.

15th Dec 2012, 18:29

I have a 06 H3 Hummer with the same problem everyone else is complaining about. My #5 cylinder is leaking and my whole cylinder head has to be replaced. Is it possible to do a repair to the #5 cylinder without replacing the whole cylinder head?

This Hummer has been nothing but problems since I purchased it.