3rd Dec 2019, 21:06

Just because someone asked questions about YOUR Corvettes, you automatically assume that they own one themselves? Whatever...

3rd Dec 2019, 23:56

Who are you even replying to?? 20:09 doesn't mention anything about your Corvettes.

Also can't understand why you are now in denial and pointing the finger at somebody else making Vette comments. As somebody stated already this started with your 20:42 "doctor's office" comment.

I have viewed this website off and on for years and seen your Corvette comments on many reviews where they really don't belong (Toyota Camry/ Prius, Lincoln Town Car, Honda Accord) just to name a few.

I even recall a comment thread when the site admin chimed in and asked nicely to save the Corvette comments for relevant reviews. Unfortunately that didn't work.

Lastly, if a replied comment has a question for one of your own, it doesn't mean they own a Corvette. I know I never would. Many other two seater domestics that I would rather prefer.

5th Dec 2019, 16:20

Falsehood? Look up the definition of fiberglass and you will see that bit is a "form" of plastic. After that, Google the words "plastic fantastic Corvette" and observe the many links to websites and clubs. It's a slang term. You being a Vette buff for 30 some odd years, I'm surprised you never heard it before.