30th Nov 2019, 22:26

My apologies, this comment was an addition to 28 Nov 2019 09:08.

1st Dec 2019, 19:49

Correct this is a Tacoma review. Nice of you to point that out. Only problem is your comment 20:42 from a week ago is the first to mention Corvettes. Since then it's been one hot topic.

2nd Dec 2019, 18:10

The reason you don't really see American trucks overseas (specifically - domestic market trucks) is because they are not practical in most countries. Full sized American trucks are engineered and sized to fit and drive on our overly generous freeways and roads. As someone who has been to the UK, Ireland, and Spain I can tell you that in many instances it would be nearly impossible to drive an American truck through the narrow renaissance-era roads in some places. That and in places like the UK there are things like a VAT (a tax) on either larger and what are determined to be gas guzzlers. A full sized American truck would cost a fortune to register, keep filled with gas and operate.

Secondly, we are unique in that we seem to have long ago gone far and away from what trucks were supposed to be. 30 years ago you'd have a truck like my Grandad's: an 80's era F-150 with a vinyl bench seat, a vinyl hoseable floor and the "options" were chrome bumpers and A/C. These days? They are the equivalent of what Cadillac used to be: Huge, gaudy, and chock-full of gadgets and other stuff no farmer would've ever thought they needed: Heated and air conditioned seats, heated steering wheels, power everything, large LED screens with backup cameras, and as mentioned - their sheer enormous size. All of that at the expense of real sheet metal. The last few new trucks I looked at had embarrassingly thin sheet metal in the beds and for the tail gates. These days it's not unusual to see a new truck that has a bed literally riddled with large dents. In other words trucks have become little more than fluffy, jumbo-sized suburban grocery getters with the image of being a truck. In most of the rest of the world a truck is still a utilitarian device that has few if any frills.

2nd Dec 2019, 20:09

The reliability and durability of a Tundra is nowhere on par with an F-series and Silverado. The day that Toyota produces a dually diesel version of a Tundra, maybe I'll be impressed.

2nd Dec 2019, 21:06

You make the point for buying a Toyota perfectly by insisting that they make a dual wheel vehicle. The point of this Toyota vehicle is for work, not to pose or cruise smooth highways. Your American trucks may look nice in the garage with their gaudy chrome decorations and other superfluous add-ons, but a work vehicle they are not.

Just the previous comment to yours made clear this move from utility to something parked in your driveway fit for going to the shops perfectly (with dual wheels if that is your preference).

The original review was headlined a workhorse of a truck that will run forever; that is beyond dispute.

2nd Dec 2019, 21:31

My Dad owned a first gen. Tundra. Used it for his concrete business. He sold it with over 310,000 miles. Not one single issue out of it. It will hold its own against any of the other trucks in its class just fine thank you...

2nd Dec 2019, 22:24

There are two Corvette owners that participated. I am number 2 as a former owner. How do I know this? I read the other comments previously that I certainly did not make. Plus someone asked about trophies won. Also why I didn’t buy a C4 and why... I didn’t reply to that question. I have an eclectic mix of vehicles. Meaning manufacturers with no loyalty as the manufacturers don’t pay for them. If Toyota makes a cool brand new vehicle, I could be a buyer. I did it before. Just like the Tacoma guy buying a Volt. Or a mid 50s domestic. Compare them as you have done in the past. It’s like many new Porsche buyers are very interested in domestic new Jeeps. Like the Rubicon. Interesting statistic I read. And I like that vehicle that couldn’t be more different. I will look at everything new and appreciate reviews and accurate comparisons. Not one that says a body is made of plastic which is a complete falsehood. Keep it factual and readers will value your comments. And buy.

3rd Dec 2019, 15:50

Full Size Truck Sales

Toyota Tundra: 55,792 sold in 2018

Silverado: nearly 350,000.

Ford F Series; nearly 450,000 sold in the same period.

We have a fleet of domestic pickups at our workplace all domestics purchased new. All well maintained with logs. High mileage claims on vehicles not at all uncommon. Many companies buy new with plenty of service life only to maintain a modern professional appearance or image. Clean new logos. Represents the company at every stop.

3rd Dec 2019, 16:48

Nearly 20 years in production; what has the Tundra shown us?

Not so great capability, reliability and regretful sales.

Well, they do offer a 400HP V8 if anyone cares.

Toyota should have skipped this segment and stuck with building the smaller trucks.

3rd Dec 2019, 21:06

Just because someone asked questions about YOUR Corvettes, you automatically assume that they own one themselves? Whatever...

3rd Dec 2019, 21:41

Ah here we go again. It's back to the good old American versus "foreign" trucks... Look - the Tundra has only been around for less than 20 years. The other domestic manufacturers have had 100+ years to get it right. Yet this year the Tundra took home the prize for the most reliable full size truck:


It's no surprise the Tundra doesn't sell as well.

A: As seen on this and other sites, full size truck buyers tend to be more conservative and will stick with their brand through thick and thin.

B: That and the Big Three have had decades of contracts for large scale fleet sales.

But all I know is that at least around here a huge percentage of the independent contractors I see are now driving Tundras and why? Probably because they don't have the time to take their truck to the repair shop, which is more likely to happen with the other brands.

But... back to Tacomas, the actual subject matter at hand. Not about Corvettes, Ford F-350 dually diesels... or any other vehicle. If there are those who really like talking about their Corvettes, there are sites for those.

3rd Dec 2019, 22:48

The Tacoma is not a full size truck. Trans and suspension wouldn’t survive. You want a plain appearance but loaded full size that is nice and sedate? Buy a blacked out new factory Ford Raptor. Not a toy truck. There were over 100,000 Tacoma’s made, but the Tundra and Titan are not that popular vs the big 3 with consumers. A truck is much more significant a purchase based on utility vs buying a car. Interesting enough, my most expensive vehicles to insure are trucks. 4WD and the possibility of off road are my thoughts on higher rates. Many crossovers have plenty of room vs buying a small truck. Internal space wise. Anything dirty, a mulch or tree place, pay a small delivery fee vs buy a little truck. If you do have a full size, they get used. Moving, large yard sales, towing, bed loads, they excel. Can go a long way to covering the cost, being so versatile and useful for anything that pops up.