3rd Dec 2019, 23:56

Who are you even replying to?? 20:09 doesn't mention anything about your Corvettes.

Also can't understand why you are now in denial and pointing the finger at somebody else making Vette comments. As somebody stated already this started with your 20:42 "doctor's office" comment.

I have viewed this website off and on for years and seen your Corvette comments on many reviews where they really don't belong (Toyota Camry/ Prius, Lincoln Town Car, Honda Accord) just to name a few.

I even recall a comment thread when the site admin chimed in and asked nicely to save the Corvette comments for relevant reviews. Unfortunately that didn't work.

Lastly, if a replied comment has a question for one of your own, it doesn't mean they own a Corvette. I know I never would. Many other two seater domestics that I would rather prefer.

4th Dec 2019, 21:23

If you have to explain yourself, you have done something wrong. I’d love to know how you could possibly filter comparisons truck to truck or car to car on here. Some share like engines and drivetrains. Or purpose or to other vehicles in their class. Like bringing up a Tundra on a Tacoma review. Different vehicles, different class. Some owners own a review model plus others totally different. Then politics and world trade comes up on Toyota reviews. Wonder why?

4th Dec 2019, 21:38

Look - If I really wanted to go blow a ton of money on a Ford Raptor I would. If I were in the market to get an actual serious offroad vehicle, it wouldn't be one of those anyway because they are more or less toys. If I really wanted a "real" off road vehicle that will take the abuse AND not break down, I wouldn't buy a Raptor. I would instead buy a Toyota J70 truck, importing it from a Japanese exporter.

Not familiar? Well these have been sold all over most of the undeveloped world for decades. They were literally engineered to crawl all over rugged landscapes, often in places that lack paved roads or in some cases - no roads at all. These thing would run circles around any of those Raptors.


I get that there has been this back and forth debate concerning American versus Japanese trucks. But there is a reason why Tacomas and other Toyotas keep their values, whereas the stuff from the Big 3 does not: Because you can buy a Toyota truck and automatically assume and usually be correct that it will simply run... and run and run for years with no major issues. With the big three? Not saying they make a bad product, but their reliability is really hit and miss.

In fact, and since others have been bringing up unrelated cars and trucks, and since this was my original review, I'll mentioned that a few years ago I decided to take a chance on American cars and bought a Chevy Volt. Initially I was very happy with the car, but now that the car has hit the 130,000 mile mark the thing has been having one annoying problem after another: First it was a faulty switch in the coolant system... and then a faulty valve in the battery cooling system... and then a faulty airbag sensor light... and then random stress cracks in the expensive tail light lens. Each time it's a literal pain because you need a lift to get to most of what I mentioned and so far this has rung up to almost $3,000 in repairs. So there you have it. This is EXACTLY why so many people over time have gotten burned by the likes of GM, Ford and Chrysler: Because for whatever reason they can't get their acts together, skimp on their quality where it counts or otherwise don't really work out the kinks before the products hit the market. As such I will never trust buying one of their products. I have NEVER had such issues with any of the Toyotas I've owned. And even if I do need to say - replace a water pump or alternator... it's super easy to do, as in the engineers actually placed stuff where a backyard mechanic can easily access it.

And you can call my Tacoma a "toy" all you want. I can guarantee I use my "toy" as a truck way more than 90% of the folks I see driving these huge shiny looking trucks I see driving around on the freeway with some ridiculous looking rims and "scary" looking stickers...

4th Dec 2019, 22:00

Not every one on here owns a Tacoma. Yet we see it come up on reviews all over Car Survey with a Merc thrown in.

5th Dec 2019, 00:07

"many other two seater domestics"?

Are you talking used or new? Because unless Dodge drags the Viper model back out of the grave yet again, your choice in new domestics would be limited to just one (Ford GT)... hardly "many".

5th Dec 2019, 16:20

Falsehood? Look up the definition of fiberglass and you will see that bit is a "form" of plastic. After that, Google the words "plastic fantastic Corvette" and observe the many links to websites and clubs. It's a slang term. You being a Vette buff for 30 some odd years, I'm surprised you never heard it before.

5th Dec 2019, 20:50

Common sense, yes I'm talking used. "Many" were offered throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Not gonna mention the makes and models. "This is a Tacoma review".

5th Dec 2019, 20:53

I'd like to see pictures of the Merc, just like the 2 Tacoma pics.

5th Dec 2019, 21:10

Actually what really intrigued me was what possible other domestic 2 seater you said is a better choice. We do have a Viper that my son bought when he turned 30. That’s a fantastic 2 seater. I think my main issue is how you see so much fault with America manufacturing and vehicles. I love living and having had a really great career here. As have pretty much all my family. Lifelong mentors and friends. There is so much opportunity to enjoy vs complain so much. It involves a key word. Work. And seizing opportunities, especially while young. I try to balance life and enjoy what I accomplished. Helping my kids get through college and inspiring them that anything is possible if you work hard and listen.

As far as vehicles, I like many different brands. I try to balance purchases by supporting local businesses as well as buying from Amazon as an example. I’ve bought many domestics but also imports. I feel I upgraded by buying a new Porsche. I did the same in my workplace, always taking on new responsibilities and advanced. My kids are all doing really well. For over 30 years I wanted a Porsche. So I bought a 2 seater GT3. Extraordinary polished vehicle that has actually made others I have not really enjoyable to drive now. When I drove my last Vette to trade in, it was very noticeable. So I like stepping up.

So forgive me as I also own 2 trucks. Also owned an S10 with opposing rear seats and a Splash stepside that my daughter enjoyed. Loved its looks, but not practical. So I have owned full sizes ever since; first time I have 2 at the moment. Not just a truck fan, but an owner. You like your vehicles and no one is stopping you from comments or comparisons. All my current vehicles are metal. Am sure there is different metallurgical content, but I do not think it’s comment worthy. I have likes and dislikes on my vehicles, but am happy to enjoy each. A couple of my friends upgraded from the Corvette world and I did track time. Completely sold. Biggest purchase that I delayed for far too long is my newest car. Thanks to America and its great opportunities I have another car. Sure it’s an import, but we certainly have the USA vehicles as well. Enjoy your ride. Christmas holidays are nearly here. Time for being grateful for family and what we have. I am in 2 car clubs now. Don’t even have a Corvette, but enjoy the activities and social on that club still. We get to do Toys for Tots together, driving really fun rides. And annual Christmas parties. Life is really good!