5th Dec 2019, 23:05

Was your reply directed towards 22:48? I would think so seeing how the Raptor was recommended, and of course if you are buying a truck it must be full size or no size.

6th Dec 2019, 02:33

I think that your main objective on vehicle selection is all about being frugal. You have indicated that you use free electricity to power your car at work. And pulling a television out of the trash on another review. Cost is not everything. You put down and condemn vehicles that you would never buy. I am pointing out it seems far more about not spending money. The Volt needs some repairs. So if you saved all this money getting free electric on your daily commute, simply spend some of it. A guy making a 6 figure income could easily update and buy one new car again after 20 years plus. I think the Volt was used. Many people buy cars every few years and have a decent retirement. Or grab a second source of income and treat yourself.

You bring up that there’s no domestic without bling or chrome. So a Raptor was mentioned. It’s a real luxurious vehicle. My plain high school car suited my low income budget. If a bit more gas or a repair here and there, so what? It’s nicer. Lots of us have kids and driving decent new transportation. And saved money to boot for retirement. Spending more time on making smart investments. And having a nice balance of life. Like buying a new TV; even a large new one is cheap today. Vs a curb find. New vehicles with a warranty and sell when it’s up is right for most people. Even if heaven forbid you had a small payment each month. And still have some of the 6 figures we hear about so much. Most people do not discuss their income. But enjoy what they work for. Like a new nice car once in a while vs 20 plus.

6th Dec 2019, 16:37

If you don't like the Raptor, why not opt for a Harley Davidson F-series special edition? Future collector truck for sure, and it's a full size.

6th Dec 2019, 21:55

I thought I had explained this thoroughly before. I drive the truck for nostalgic reasons. I bought it as a kid and now I'm a middle aged man. That's longer than most people stay married. That and I always liked smaller trucks. And now nobody makes those anymore. Everything is now jumbo-sized and huge. I drove my Dad's Tundra when I was home last time. It felt like driving a tank down the road. Not at all comforting as I felt like the mirrors were about to whack the other cars on the other side of the road. Apparently that's what Americans want. We've always liked things Nice-N-Big. Cars in the 50's-70's were gigantic. A neighbor of ours owned a 1980 Capprice wagon and I felt you could barely see the driver when sitting in the rear as it was so huge. And now that nobody wants to buy cars here for whatever reason; it's now trucks and they too are now ginormous.

And there is nothing wrong with frugality. For a full decade I worked kind of crappy low paying jobs. Now that I make a decent income it's simply nice to not have to worry about money, be able to buy stuff if I wanted to and whatnot. But at the end of the day it takes an awful lot of money these days to live comfortably in retirement, and there's a part of me that wishes to not spend 25-30 more years in a cubicle, and thus the sooner that savings is sufficient, the more expedited that will happen. It certainly won't happen as quick if I were to decide to go spend $60,000 on a truck, and secondly makes no sense given that I like my old truck and it runs fine... as in I'd have zero concern driving it across the country and back.

Oh well. To each their own. That's what makes life interesting, right?

6th Dec 2019, 22:14

I have the black, low production number Harley Davidson pick up. The only real chrome on it are the factory 22” wheels. And they could be addressed by aftermarket all black ones. I think the black Raptor is a really bad looking pick up. The Tacoma owner says too big, a ton of money. But it is a great design, upscale truck that an exec would be proud to own. I didn’t pay much for my Harley Davidson Edition. It was a quick whim as a friend was trading it in. I handed him the cash and that was fast and simple. I could sell it tomorrow and I would gladly take him out with his wife. I paid what he asked on the spot. I’m really in this hobby for fun.

My Silverado is even more low key. I de emblemed it with a heat gun and added sharp wheels, and an almost flush tip exhaust system. Sedate with a nice exhaust note. There’s a Corvette factory emblem only on the rear tailgate now. Added a third SS lens above. So cool and sedate.

This is a truck review and I’ve had many. Anything I’ve done could be restored to stock. Like the Tacoma guy, I like low key subtle upgrades that have class. I’m the guy that will take an Audi and change out the crossbar grille to all black. Many truck owners have considerable investment in their vehicles. You can go to major auto shows and see some really beautiful examples. And are low key but sharp. If it snows or bad weather hits, I am set. I like options like heated seats, power options and serious capability. I do a lot of interstate travel, and with practice they are fine to park. Especially with back up cameras. So there’s my current 2 trucks.

I had Ford and Chevrolet light trucks. They are OK for mild errands, but at least in our case full sizes have far more utility. You could drive a small truck and rent a larger one from Home Depot or Lowe’s I guess. Or pay to have larger items delivered. But pay a little more for gas and don’t get worked up over MPG. A really great comment was made by Jerry Seinfeld - “You can’t drive money”. My sentiments exactly as well.

And what is a 6 figure income comment really mean? It could be $100,000 or $800,000 annual income that more defines what vehicles you pick. Or cost of living. I think everyone on here has a new dream car or truck they always wanted. It’s really cool getting one someday. So enjoy what you have, but don’t convince yourself it’s impossible. Not everybody likes mine and that’s cool. I sure do and am thrilled and grateful to enjoy them for a while. Even the trucks. Very car like with features and amenities today.

7th Dec 2019, 06:30

Some of these comments are just hilarious.

8th Dec 2019, 18:58

And intentionally serious too.