6th Dec 2019, 22:14

I have the black, low production number Harley Davidson pick up. The only real chrome on it are the factory 22” wheels. And they could be addressed by aftermarket all black ones. I think the black Raptor is a really bad looking pick up. The Tacoma owner says too big, a ton of money. But it is a great design, upscale truck that an exec would be proud to own. I didn’t pay much for my Harley Davidson Edition. It was a quick whim as a friend was trading it in. I handed him the cash and that was fast and simple. I could sell it tomorrow and I would gladly take him out with his wife. I paid what he asked on the spot. I’m really in this hobby for fun.

My Silverado is even more low key. I de emblemed it with a heat gun and added sharp wheels, and an almost flush tip exhaust system. Sedate with a nice exhaust note. There’s a Corvette factory emblem only on the rear tailgate now. Added a third SS lens above. So cool and sedate.

This is a truck review and I’ve had many. Anything I’ve done could be restored to stock. Like the Tacoma guy, I like low key subtle upgrades that have class. I’m the guy that will take an Audi and change out the crossbar grille to all black. Many truck owners have considerable investment in their vehicles. You can go to major auto shows and see some really beautiful examples. And are low key but sharp. If it snows or bad weather hits, I am set. I like options like heated seats, power options and serious capability. I do a lot of interstate travel, and with practice they are fine to park. Especially with back up cameras. So there’s my current 2 trucks.

I had Ford and Chevrolet light trucks. They are OK for mild errands, but at least in our case full sizes have far more utility. You could drive a small truck and rent a larger one from Home Depot or Lowe’s I guess. Or pay to have larger items delivered. But pay a little more for gas and don’t get worked up over MPG. A really great comment was made by Jerry Seinfeld - “You can’t drive money”. My sentiments exactly as well.

And what is a 6 figure income comment really mean? It could be $100,000 or $800,000 annual income that more defines what vehicles you pick. Or cost of living. I think everyone on here has a new dream car or truck they always wanted. It’s really cool getting one someday. So enjoy what you have, but don’t convince yourself it’s impossible. Not everybody likes mine and that’s cool. I sure do and am thrilled and grateful to enjoy them for a while. Even the trucks. Very car like with features and amenities today.

7th Dec 2019, 06:30

Some of these comments are just hilarious.