2nd Dec 2019, 21:06

You make the point for buying a Toyota perfectly by insisting that they make a dual wheel vehicle. The point of this Toyota vehicle is for work, not to pose or cruise smooth highways. Your American trucks may look nice in the garage with their gaudy chrome decorations and other superfluous add-ons, but a work vehicle they are not.

Just the previous comment to yours made clear this move from utility to something parked in your driveway fit for going to the shops perfectly (with dual wheels if that is your preference).

The original review was headlined a workhorse of a truck that will run forever; that is beyond dispute.

2nd Dec 2019, 21:31

My Dad owned a first gen. Tundra. Used it for his concrete business. He sold it with over 310,000 miles. Not one single issue out of it. It will hold its own against any of the other trucks in its class just fine thank you...

2nd Dec 2019, 22:24

There are two Corvette owners that participated. I am number 2 as a former owner. How do I know this? I read the other comments previously that I certainly did not make. Plus someone asked about trophies won. Also why I didn’t buy a C4 and why... I didn’t reply to that question. I have an eclectic mix of vehicles. Meaning manufacturers with no loyalty as the manufacturers don’t pay for them. If Toyota makes a cool brand new vehicle, I could be a buyer. I did it before. Just like the Tacoma guy buying a Volt. Or a mid 50s domestic. Compare them as you have done in the past. It’s like many new Porsche buyers are very interested in domestic new Jeeps. Like the Rubicon. Interesting statistic I read. And I like that vehicle that couldn’t be more different. I will look at everything new and appreciate reviews and accurate comparisons. Not one that says a body is made of plastic which is a complete falsehood. Keep it factual and readers will value your comments. And buy.