27th Nov 2019, 19:34

Simple, join the PCA. But you must own and provide an owner's VIN # to join. What a great time! But I also indicated there’s many special cars out there that keep you active, in a good mood that can only be healthy. In my opinion vs sitting in bars, being inactive etc. Pick a favorite from most manufacturers that’s not run of the mill and try it. If you get ill, try another pastime. Right now I am off to the gym. That seems to work too.

27th Nov 2019, 20:27

What happened to the hubcaps?

27th Nov 2019, 23:55

The engine compartment in my 18 year old daily driver looks the same; only difference is a V8. Not a trailer queen either. People like you and me who take care of their vehicles themselves are not as rare as you imagine.

28th Nov 2019, 09:08

I think the reason you are getting many negative comments from owners of American brands is because they have difficulty dealing with the fact that basically in most countries Japanese vehicles are the logical choice for work vehicles and have been for many years.

American brands used to set the standard many years ago when they were rugged, simple to maintain and dependable. With most Japanese or Korean brands, you get quality and finish even in the most basic vehicles.

So basically there you have it, they have trouble dealing with reality!

28th Nov 2019, 21:29

We see a lot of domestic crossovers in our area. Like the Ford Edge. We live in the USA. Other countries like France and Spain we just visited, it wasn’t Toyota’s. Peugeot’s for one.

28th Nov 2019, 21:38

Yeah that's the reason alright. Funny thing is everywhere I see fleet trucks or vans for big construction, plumbing, pest control or whatever, they are mostly if not all Chevy, Ford and even Dodge.

28th Nov 2019, 21:39

I have to admit your pics look pretty good. From a guy that owned C-2, C-3, C-5, C-6 and C-7 Corvettes. And has been blessed with good health. May not be a fan of the vehicle, but have no qualms with your resto pics.

28th Nov 2019, 22:28

And your "explanation" is based on nothing more than your own presumption, now, isn't it?

29th Nov 2019, 19:12

Is it possible your overseas claim has had much more to do with fuel cost being so much higher in Europe? Japan has produced cheap to fuel up cars much longer vs domestics. You don’t see a lot of mid size vehicles. See mostly subcompact. I guess filling up paying 6-8 dollars a gallon after dollar conversion is somewhat of a concern. Then there’s parking; the smaller the better in many countries I visited. Around 20 so far.

29th Nov 2019, 20:49

How come no C4?

29th Nov 2019, 22:13

22:28 who are you responding to? The healthy living guy or the guy that feels Toyota is the worldwide vehicle of choice?

30th Nov 2019, 01:46

Just a few additions to my comment.

Most of the world is not the USA.

US special forces in Afghanistan use surprise, surprise Toyota Tacomas; they are rugged, dependable and fit for purpose (not because there are no dealers for Ford, Chevy or Dodge in Kabul).

Have a look at conflict footage from round the world and what do you see? Toyotas exclusively. Again the reason is pure and simple.

Wars in Africa have been fought with these vehicles beating purpose built military vehicles; again there is a logical reason for this.

Hope the above info is of some assistance,

Had to smile after the comment about having to close the deck on a 63 Chevy carefully as not to loosen the tail light lenses (makes my point somewhat).

30th Nov 2019, 14:47

Did you win any trophies at any shows with any of those Corvettes?

30th Nov 2019, 19:11

Very well said. Some people take offence too easily on here.

Gentlemen, the pattern I see on this site when a comment section goes on forever, is someone not believing one extreme or another - that is to say whether a certain brand or car is very good or very bad. The truth is all manufacturers make good and bad cars. Reliability can also vary from one car (even the same make and model) to the next, so the best thing to do is look for patterns, common faults, etc on the negative side of things, or general good reliability on the positive side of things, and make up your own mind which to buy.

Myself I have owned several American, European and Japanese cars. They are all just the same to be honest. From the 70/80s I had a Nissan Patrol - excellent vehicle. Simple and solid. By the 1990s I moved on to a Jeep Cherokee. Again, not the best but nowhere near as bad as people made them out to be. Then downsized to a Toyota Camry - an excellent car, boring but easily did 200,000 miles with no major issues. In more recent years I find the increasing costs of all cars to be too expensive to repair and too complex to fix.

I believe the future will be Elon Musk saving us with his electric cars (let's hope they all don't look like the Cybertruck though), and hybrids from other manufacturers, a mix of petrol, diesel and electric.

30th Nov 2019, 22:11

I have no issue with your comments if you do include that you are also a Chevrolet owner. I know it’s a Tacoma review, but if you hype it up so much, include that you own 2 other domestics at this given point in time.

I have won over 100 car shows. Likely higher. Of that I currently have around 25 trophies that I kept that are best in show, people's choice, first place, even ladies and kids pick. Plaque awards. I have a lot I gave away that are taken apart using the parts to make door prizes etc. I gave some away selling certain cars. My garage is floor to ceiling with memorabilia and guy cave stuff. It was in Cruising News of Guy Caves. Many 1:18 die casts and even beer taps lined on the shelves. Autographs of auction guys. I have turned my placard over in judging lately. To give a new kid or owner a chance. I have a friend that has won easily 250 or more shows. He nails most every show with his C1. You run out of room and again it gives others a better chance. So to answer your question, I have won with owning Corvettes well over 30 years. My favorite 63 Split Window. Although still a Corvette club member due to the social aspect, I do not actually own one now. A lot of wives are members today, but often not totally into just the car aspect. They like the people and social part. I have met many nice friends through club participation. To me now it’s more the driving and track events. I like shows in my older cars and have a back seat for more than 2 people. I am sure some will find fault and may not like the cars I’ve had. It’s cool and I appreciate you are a fan of something else. My family has cars completely different. I like some of the Mopars and even the Mustangs. Nobody appears unhappy and we have a good time in our garages. Or going out together. Anyway back to the review car.