Legnum VR4 2.5L V6 twin turbo

Good performing and comfortable car

161 words


Legnum VR4 2.5 V6 twin turbo

Wagon with balls that'll drain your wallet

380 words


Legnum VR4 2.5 V6 twin turbo

One of the best Japanese wagons

593 words, 3 comments

Legnum 24 GDI 2.4 petrol

Heavy tank of average reliability and poor perfomance

200 words, 39 comments


Legnum 25ST 2.5 N/A petrol

A good do-everything car for its time, if well looked after

996 words, 2 comments

Legnum ST 1.8 petrol

Good looking car, let down by reality

302 words

Legnum ST 2.5

Worst car I've ever owned

203 words, 6 comments

Legnum VR4 2.5Ltr V6 twin turbo

Rocket ship

93 words

Legnum st gdi 1.8

This one was crap

42 words, 36 comments


Legnum S/wagon STP 2.5 auto petrol (non turboed)

A reasonable vehicle in 2.5L form

165 words

Legnum 25ST 2.5L V6 petrol

Great power and practicality for a family wagon

106 words