RVR Sports Gear 204 petrol

A very enjoyable vehicle at a very acceptable price.

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RVR Sportsgear X3 2.4 GDi


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RVR Sportsgear X2 2.4 GDi

A modern mini-SUV that hides its true passion

130 words, 3 comments


RVR X3 2.0L turbo petrol

One big adrenalin rush

71 words, 1 comment

RVR Super sports gear 4G63 2L turbo

Swift, Practical, reliable, affordable, though experienced drivers only need apply

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59 words

RVR Super Sports Gear 2.0 turbo

Awesome performance meets practical family car

187 words, 5 comments

RVR X3 2.0 Intercooled turbo

The best and fastest car I've ever owned

28 words

RVR Super Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol

A great buy for 12k

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Easily under estimated at the lights..

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RVR space gear 2 litre turbo diesel

Don't buy a diesel version

109 words, 2 comments

RVR X3 2 turbo

Performance and Practicality!

184 words

RVR Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol

Very good sleeper, with room for modification

72 words

RVR SportsGear 4G63T turbo petrol

Happy hunting... poor V8's..

286 words, 15 comments


RVR Sportsgear TD 2.0 turbo diesel

I have scraped better things off my shoes

285 words, 7 comments