Terrano II TI 2.7 turbo diesel

Great car!

61 words

Terrano II TI 2.7 TD

A great vehicle to drive - on and off road

219 words, 8 comments

Terrano II R20 2.7 turbo

A great car from a disappointing corporation

103 words, 6 comments

Terrano II Not Designated 2.7 diesel Intercooled

Promises more than it delivers

147 words

Terrano II turbo diesel

A Lemon

210 words, 1 comment

Terrano II TI 2.7 TD

Has been an extremely reliable 4x4

139 words, 2 comments

Terrano II RX 2.7 turbo diesel

A competent 4WD at a good price

127 words, 1 comment

Terrano II Ti 2.4 petrol

127 words


Terrano II Ti turbo diesel

Very impressive 4WD

54 words

Terrano II Ti 2.7 intercool turbo

Good all rounder 4WD for the family

97 words

Terrano II TI 2.8 turbo intercooled diesel

Terrific Terrano but let down by poor marketing in Australia

158 words


Terrano II 2.7 turbo diesel

Great SUV for its money

78 words

Terrano II R3M 2.7 turbo

Japanese used import good value

54 words, 1 comment