A6 Avant 2.8L

I love it; it's better appointed and handles the road better than the 2000 CLK 320 I also drive

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A6 Avant Quattro

Comfortable, powerful, luxury car

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A6 2.8 Quattro 2.8L V6

Avoid, just not worth the trouble

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A6 2.8

Extremely unsatisfied

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A6 Quattro 2.8L

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Biggest waste of Money and time!

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A6 Quattro 2.8L Quattro

Amazing performance, great style, lacks reliability

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A6 2.8 6 cylinder

I stopped enjoying the car once the throttle body became a constant problem

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A6 Avant 2.4

Avoid Audi - their poor reputation is earned

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A6 Quattro 2.8L (sport tronic trans)

High repair costs and poor service

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A6 2.8L

High performance, but lacking reliability

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A6 Avant 2.8L V6

Nice car with some quality problems

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A6 2.8 Quattro

It's class all the way!

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A6 2.8 Quattro

A thoughtfully designed and impressive automobile

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A6 2.6 Quattro

Comfort plus... Olds is out, Audi is in with us

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A6 2.6

Fix the bumper!

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A6 Avant 2.6L

A beautifully-handling and luxurious car with high ownership costs

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