Coupe GT 2.2

If you get a chance, get one

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Coupe GT 2.3L gas

Audi's best

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Coupe GT 5 cylinder

Dependable and unique, fun to drive!

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Coupe GT 2.2

Was probably a great car in it's day...20 years later... needs lots of TLC to keep it fun to own.

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Coupe GT 2.2L Gasoline

A German road carver deserving of praise

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Coupe GT 2.2 litre 5 cylinder

A fun car to drive, and its fun to have one of the few left on the road

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Coupe GT 2.2L

The legacy continues..

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Coupe GT 2.2


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Coupe GT

A personal labour of love

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Coupe GT 2.2L

An eye-catcher, powerful ride

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Coupe GT 2.2L

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