Regal Limited 2.8L V6 MPFI

Easy on the eyes and fuel, but get a garage first

1427 words

Regal Limited Coupe

Great, reliable, beautiful little coupe

146 words

Regal Custom four seater 2.8 FI

This car has been perfect!

181 words, 2 comments

Regal Limited 2.8 V6 MFI

Bring on the Regals, I would love a Regal GS

79 words

Regal Custom 2.8L V6

The '88 Regal is a very wise choice for a new driver or for a daily 2-way commuter

338 words

Regal Limited 2.8L V6

Great car, but had many problems

70 words

Regal 2.8

Would buy another Buick, not this model though.

80 words

Regal Limited Coupe 2.8L MPFI V6

Great car IF it's been maintained properly

505 words

Regal Limited 2.8L V6

Best car I have ever had

47 words

Regal Limited 2.8

Costly, high maintenance, slow, piece of junk!

175 words, 1 comment

Regal Limited 2.8 Litre V6

GM is the way to go!

119 words

Regal Custom 5<sp>

I love this car it was one of the best deals I've ever had

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If your looking for low class luxury and comfort this is the car for you

128 words, 1 comment

Regal Custom 2.8L

A great first car for a student

108 words

Regal Limited 2.8 litre V6

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is a drivers big fear, this 88 Regal is no longer scary

91 words

Regal Limited 2.8

Great reliable car!

86 words, 1 comment

Regal Custom 208

Couldn't ask for a better used car

139 words, 1 comment

Regal Custom ltd 2.4L V6

Don't pay more than $750

47 words, 1 comment

Regal Limited 2.8 MFI V6

Requires a good amount of maintenance, but looks good and performs well

404 words, 1 comment

Regal Gran Sport Custom 2.8 V-6

One good car

86 words

Regal Custom V6

Long-lasting at a good price

113 words, 2 comments

Regal Custom 2.8 V6

A poor man's luxury car

102 words

Regal Custom 2.8 V6

Buick Regal, the world may never know a better car

35 words, 7 comments

Regal 2D Limited 2.8L 173HP V6

OK for the money, but with a few engine addons it rules the illegal street racing world!!

271 words

Regal Limited 2 door 2.8 L

It is fast but not as fast as a '96 Pontiac Grand Am

39 words

Regal Custom V6 2.8

It's awesome, couldn't live without it

176 words



166 words

Regal Limited 2.8

39 words

Regal Custom 2.8L MFI V6

155 words, 2 comments

Regal Limited 2.8 L OHV MPI V6

44 words, 1 comment