Epica LTZ 2.5 inline 6

It's not a truck, but it gets me from point A to point B

102 words

Epica LTZ 2.5 inline 6

Good car for a smooth ride at legal speeds

41 words


Epica LS 2.5 V6

Avoid buying this car!

90 words, 1 comment

Epica LT 2.5L

My Epica is an excellent car. If they would have kept making them, I would have bought another

64 words


Never again

98 words, 1 comment

Epica LS Inline 6 cylinder

Not a bad car, terrible transmission

167 words, 1 comment

Epica LT 2.5

One jinxed vehicle

171 words, 4 comments

Epica LS 2.5

Great! But Bad In Snow

312 words, 1 comment

Epica LS I6 2.5L.

Sleek, Powerful, and Sweet!

119 words, 2 comments

Epica LT

Wish they could do something about the annoying shift shock

206 words, 19 comments

Epica LT 2.5 I6

In general, I am pleased with Chevrolet Epica

40 words, 3 comments

Epica LT 2.5L

This is a very nice car for the price and would suggest it to anyone

291 words, 6 comments


Epica LS 2.5

Dealership Denial

372 words

Epica LX gas

I would buy another, but I would not pay top dollar though

136 words

Epica LS 2.5 liter

What a piece of junk

74 words, 5 comments


Awesome car, wouldn't trade it in for anyting

294 words, 2 comments



30 words

Epica LT

I should have bought a Plymouth Reliant (K car), because it's more reliable

157 words, 1 comment

Epica LS 2.0 V6

Think about it twice if you want to buy an Epica!!

865 words, 19 comments

Epica LX 6 cylinder

EXPENSIVE to keep running

147 words

Epica LT

86 words, 1 comment


Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!

81 words


Nice, but not reliable

135 words, 7 comments

Epica LT 6 cylinder

Get GM to buy it back

40 words, 1 comment

Epica LS 2.5 six

Good value for such a loaded vehicle

113 words

Epica LS

Drives like more car than you paid for!

66 words

Epica LS I-6 Inline Gas

It is an excellent car for the money and is comparable to others in it's class for about $10K less

120 words

Epica LS 2.4 litre inline six

A real gas guzzler

124 words, 1 comment

Epica LT

75 words, 1 comment

Epica LS

Dissatisfied with the car so much that requested a "buy back" from GM to no avail

61 words, 1 comment


It is a nice car, I am happy with it

301 words, 61 comments

Epica LT 2.5 inline 6

A nice luxury car at an affordable price, but with serious quality problems (at least the lights)

161 words, 5 comments

Epica LS 2.5 litre DOHC inline 6 cylinder

Great car for a great price

51 words, 1 comment

Epica GX 2.5 L6

Sexy and smooth

51 words, 1 comment