Lanos S 1.6 liter unleaded

I wouldn't buy this car unless you are poor as &%^$

50 words, 5 comments

Lanos 1.6

Great car, but they're disappearing now

119 words


Good, except hard to get parts

37 words

Lanos Silver 4 door unknon

Great little car if you take care of it

121 words

Lanos S

Great car, but only if you have all the right circumstances when you buy it

182 words

Lanos S 1.6

It is a good car with build comparable to other imports at a fraction of the price

67 words, 2 comments

Lanos I4 1.6L

Garbajo, don't buy it

256 words, 10 comments



76 words, 6 comments


Consider any other vehicle

107 words, 24 comments


Not so bad for the cost

85 words, 1 comment

Lanos LX

What seemed like a great, economical car is now a nightmare

421 words, 2 comments

Lanos S 1.6

Good car for the money!

114 words, 6 comments

Lanos ES

Super car at a super price!

37 words

Lanos SX 1.6

I should have bought a YUGO, it might still be running

126 words, 2 comments


The worst buy I've ever made

395 words, 4 comments

Lanos S 1.6

Cheap, but reliable

127 words

Lanos S 1.6

This is the worst car I have ever had the displeasure of owning!

235 words, 1 comment

Lanos S 1.6L EFI

Many unjustified bad reviews

872 words, 41 comments

Lanos SE 1.6

This car blows chunks bigger than that kid in Stephen King's The Body (stand by me)

314 words, 4 comments

Lanos 1.6 DOHC

A great, practical, functional set of wheels

284 words, 3 comments

Lanos SE 1.6L DOHC

Nice Car, Good Bargain, For general,

233 words, 2 comments

Lanos SX

Economic on gas

108 words, 2 comments

Lanos SX 1.6L DOHC

A great little budge car so far

274 words

Lanos SE 1.6 DOHC 16v

An average buy

111 words


Decent cheap car for 3 years or less

294 words, 1 comment

Lanos 1.6 Liter DOHC

A reliable low cost automobile when cared for correctly

78 words, 1 comment

Lanos 1.6 gasoline

A complete waste of money and a giant hassle

73 words, 1 comment

Lanos S 1.6 DOHC

This car is a bargain for the price

91 words


A good A-B car

87 words

Lanos 1.6

Would not consider buying another

60 words, 4 comments


Sucks, garbage, piece of crap

98 words, 4 comments

Lanos SE 1.6

Only buy this car if you enjoy spending all your time in the shop

176 words, 2 comments

Lanos Hatch 1.6 DOHC

Great performance and handling

64 words, 5 comments

Lanos S standard

A low performance lemon

57 words, 1 comment

Lanos S 1.6L 16v

Very simple, functional, has potential, could be much better

109 words

Lanos S 1.5 litre

This is a fun, sporty, unique car

315 words

Lanos SX 1.6

Great car, affordable price

20 words


Rip off

148 words, 5 comments

Lanos SE 1.5

The worst car I have ever owned

95 words, 17 comments

Lanos S 1.5 SOHC

Basic transportation with an upscale Italian design

131 words, 6 comments

Lanos S 1.6

You get what you pay for!

69 words

Lanos SX 1.6

Great bang for the buck!

53 words