Accord LX-i Hatchback


130 words

Accord LXI Hatchback 2.0 liter PGM-FI

Hondas are made for performance

113 words

Accord LXi 2.0 EFI

Great car for the money, super reliable

188 words, 3 comments

Accord LX 2.0, Inline 4

The car is worth the repairs

136 words

Accord LX 2.0L 12-Valve

Outstanding little vehicle A+

141 words

Accord LX 2.0

Honda --- Built Tough

446 words, 2 comments

Accord LX

Worst car I have ever owned

128 words, 5 comments

Accord LX 2.0L, carb

Great value and design

38 words

Accord LXi 2.0 liter L4 2.0

It's a perfect beginner car for anyone and everyone

176 words

Accord LX (I think)

Best second-hand car you'll ever own

101 words, 1 comment

Accord Lxi 2.0

It's a low profile fast and comfortable car

367 words, 2 comments

Accord lxi 2.0


35 words

Accord Lxi 2.0

Great car for cheap price

107 words

Accord LXI 2.0, 4 cylinder gas

Honda renown proves true

272 words, 3 comments

Accord LX-i 2.0 FI


65 words

Accord DX Hatchback 2.0 w/carburetor

Looks like a shoe, but will never let you down!

136 words

Accord LX

It goes well

255 words

Accord LX 2.0 carburated

Amazing car, with over 200,000 miles

105 words

Accord DX 2.0

This car is nothing less than awesome!!!

110 words

Accord LX

It is great!

115 words

Accord LXI ?

I love this car and would not trade it in even for a brand new car

48 words

Accord LX 1.8

Good Looking Pile of Junk

143 words, 2 comments

Accord DX 4 cylinder

I would buy another '86 Accord even in 2004

96 words

Accord Custom Hybrid LX-R 2.0L Carb

Perfect for anyone looking for comfort with a sporty feel

219 words

Accord LX-i Hatchback 2.0 inline4

An all around great car

146 words, 2 comments

Accord LX 2.0

Great reliable fun car

154 words

Accord LXi 2.0 liter 4 cylinder

Reliable and quick

220 words

Accord DX 4cyd

This is solid, smooth, reliable and cheap car

50 words

Accord DX 2.0L

A great, cheap car

220 words

Accord LX 2.0 12 valve

This car will never die

224 words

Accord LXi 2.0L

An unappreciated, lively, loyal machine

87 words

Accord LX-i Standard SOHC

A very high quality yet economical machine

194 words, 1 comment

Accord LX

It is the best investment I have ever made in a car!

76 words

Accord LXi

Great value, that's why I also own a 1994 and a 1998!!

169 words, 1 comment

Accord LX carb

A good get around town car

672 words

Accord LKI Hatchback

A beginner car

91 words


It's a good little car with a few slight problems

310 words

Accord LX 4 cylinder

Great first car for my son to learn with

89 words

Accord LXi 2.0 fuel injected

Best car I've ever owned

76 words, 1 comment

Accord LX-i 2.0 12 valve fuel injected

Lots of fun to drive, and practical too!

137 words

Accord LX 2.0 carb

Very reliable car

90 words

Accord DX

Excellent buy, excellent fuel mileage

93 words

Accord LX 2.0L gasoline

Excellent car overall

79 words, 1 comment

Accord LXi Don't know - 2.0?

It has served me well in trips cross country and many times to the mountains, as well as commuting

147 words, 4 comments

Accord LX 2.0L carb

Good price and good times... but, a very short time.... needed lots of work

683 words, 1 comment

Accord DX 1.8 4

It will get you from point A to B, 24/7/365

103 words

Accord LX 2.0 L 4-cylinder 120 HP

They are UNSTOPPABLE and will almost never die, if taken care of!

23 words

Accord LX 2.0 litre

61 words