Cherokee Sport 4.0

An SUV that can tow, go off road, carry family and get 20 MPG

500 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L I-6

I love Jeeps!

190 words


Best car ever

37 words

Cherokee Laredo

After 10 years of ownership, I believe that these older Jeeps are one of the toughest vehicles ever

106 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0 litre

I think this is an all round great vehicle

84 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L i6

Couldn't beat it if you tried

81 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Very dependable and trustworthy

108 words

Cherokee xj 4.0L. H.O. inline six

You can always trust it to get you through

219 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter inline six

I wish I could buy this same model new again, it was that good

269 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 High Output

Jeep has never let me down

225 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 H.O. V6

Out of the four cars I've owned this is by far the best

255 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Laredo 50th Anniversary 4.0 Litre High output

Definition of dependability and offroad fun

443 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 H.O I6

Cute little imports need to watch out!

216 words

Cherokee Larado 4.0 High Output

Love it and can't wait to drive it again!

68 words


Cheap, fun to drive

73 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 straight 6

Very Reliable!!

157 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L Strait Six

One hardcore machine, that won't ever quit

189 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L inline 6

Defines dependability

164 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Laredo 4.0

Good, but only if you are mechanically minded

140 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0

Dependable SUV

217 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L Inline 6

Tough as nails! Relaible and Dependable!

301 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Briarwood 4.0L High Output

This car is very capable and a great family vehicle

95 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0L 6 cylinder

It really puts the

248 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Limited 4.0 liter 6 cylinder

Good basic vehicle

81 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 Inline 6

Jeep Tough! - 12 years and going strong

93 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter in-line 6

The best choice in a compact sport utility

106 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0HO

A very reliable, capable utility vehicle

149 words

Cherokee Base 4.0 6 Cylinder

Ours was a superb buy, and we'll keep it going as long as we can

189 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Limited 1.6 Straight Six

A real dependable workhorse

106 words

Cherokee 4.0L

One of the most reliable 4WDs if you get the straight 6 (4L) engine

337 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0 L6 (straight 6 cylinder.)

A worthy investment and a fun ride!

298 words, 7 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 L HO

A great on and off-road vehicle

131 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L inline six

Fast and furious off-road machine

80 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4.0

This Jeep should find a deserted island so no one ever has to drive it again

54 words, 17 comments