1998 Jeep Cherokee reviews from North America

Cherokee Sport 4.0 i6

The greatest thing ever made

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 inline 6 cylinder

Amazing little Jeep

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Cherokee Limited 4.0

I can't part with this stupid thing

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Very reliable, basic SUV that can withstand a great deal

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Cherokee Sport Classic

Cherokee Sport 4.0

Part of the family

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Cherokee Limited 4.0 V6

Dependable but would not recommend..

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Cherokee Sport 4.0

Trusted and very solid

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 I6


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Cherokee 4.0 I6

Cheap to own, aside from gas

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Cherokee classic 4.0

Chrysler/Dodge should keep their vehicles simple like the Cherokee Classic.

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Cherokee sport 4.0L

Chrysler screwed up by replacing it with something else

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Cherokee Limited 4.0

Escape from city life in this!

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Cherokee 4X4 Sport 4.0 inline 6

Best all around SUV ever!!!

138 words

Cherokee 4.0

No way you can go wrong with a JEEP

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Buy it and you will not regret it!!

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Cherokee Limited 4.0

More dependable than my best friend

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Cherokee Sport 4 litre

Simple, rugged and functional

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Cherokee SE 4.0 I-6

Jeep Cherokee is a sturdy, reliable, well built car

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Love it, will have it for life!

Cherokee Sport 4.0L six

Best SUV ever made

69 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0L

So far I love it

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Simple, reliable, no-frills 4x4

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Cherokee Classic Six cylinder 4 litre

Generally reliable and basic SUV at a good price

176 words, 5 comments

Cherokee Limited I-6

Good truck

54 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0 I6

Great SUV and very reliable

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Cherokee Limited 4.0 V6

Great to look at, but prone to repairs

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L Inline 6

It's earth-shattering that they have discontinued the Cherokee

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Solid, reliable, and cheap!

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Cherokee Sport 4.0 V6

Garbage, this vehicle is a repair pig

407 words, 22 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L in line 6

A great all around vehicle

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L inline six

I love it

37 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0

A wonderful Investment

69 words, 4 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L I-6

Fast fun four wheeler

128 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Limited 4.0 Liter

It breaks my heart that they discontinued the 4.0 engine

161 words, 7 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A Good SUV that needs to run off water

248 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport V6 4.0L

It's expensive to own, but it pays for itself in many ways

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Gas Hog definitely, but dependable!

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Best SUV for the price

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Cherokee Classic 6 cylinder

A Tough and Stylish Mid-size SUV

182 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Classic 4.0 Gasoline

I love this Jeep and would not trade it for anything. It is a real, rugged SUV

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Cherokee Classic

A great inexpensive macho mini-van

Cherokee Sport 4.0

A true Sport Utility

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Cherokee Classic 4.0L


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Cherokee Classic 4.0

I don't know

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Cherokee Classic 4.0L

Bad brakes and stay away from the dealer

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

An excellent 4x4

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L 6 cylinder

Nice looking, but it can be expensive

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Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Bit of a dog really!

118 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0 litre

Chicks dig it

128 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0 I-6

The SUV that started it all

69 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L inline six

After you pretty much replace all of the OEM parts, this vehicle will give you years of good service

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