Discovery LE 50 Year Anniversary 4.0 V8

The best vehicle I have ever owned, because it allows me to go anywhere in luxury!

324 words

Discovery 50th Anniversary Edition 4.0L V8

The ultimate 4x4 cruiser

357 words

Discovery LSE / 50th Edition 4.0 gas

Discovery 98, I am a new fan, gas? Well it's 8 cyl

329 words

Discovery LSE

Will take ALL your money to fix

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Discovery LSE 4.0

The truck that will get you divorced

324 words, 4 comments


The worst machine to own on earth!

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Discovery LSE 4.0L

This is how an SUV should be!

132 words

Discovery LSE 4.0L

Great SUV - Lots of power and fun to drive

272 words

Discovery V8

59 words

Discovery LE 4.0 V8

Addicting and real fun!

66 words

Discovery LE

Fun, but very poorly made and expensive to maintain

253 words, 28 comments

Discovery LE 4.0 V8

O Fantasma. Land Rover is the REAL DEAL

161 words

Discovery LSE 4.0 Litre V8

Rough, tough and unique

257 words

Discovery LSE 4.0 Liter petrol

The best 4x4 by far

105 words

Discovery SD 4.0L V8i

Great Utility with Great Style!!!

247 words, 4 comments

Discovery LSE 4.0

For those who need an off road performer!

69 words

Discovery Series 1 V8

I hope you have a second car to go to work in!

155 words

Discovery LSE 4.0 Gasoline

The best vehicle I've ever owned

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