4th Jun 2010, 15:51

I have a 1995 Land Rover Discovery. It is amazing off road and drives better then any other SUV from its time.

Make sure you get one that has had lots of work done to it. The alternator, starter, new battery are essential right off the bat.

I have had no problems with oil leaks, not even a drip because I use a 10w 50 oil, which works wonders on these engines. Everyone uses the wrong oil, it's too thin, which is why oil drips. Talk to Land Rover people online and buy the manual... buy some waterproof grease and rub it on every wire on the truck, this takes care of any electrical problems when it rains or if you are offroading.

Do your reading, order the parts and fix it yourself, it is dead easy (like Lego for adults)... once you get the hang of ownership, you will not have any problems..

The Discovery's are a bit better because they are dead simple... simple is better... When I am off road people can't believe the stuff I can do in this rig, and on the road, well every girl that gets in my truck loves the huge windows... I get more action in this truck than any other BMW, Audi, Benz, VW, Volvo that I have ever owned.. Women love these machines, men love them because you learn to not be stupid and fix them yourself... if you're having problems, well it's because mechanics take advantage of people who own these, because they stand to make a lot of money off you, because the parts they order they mark up and over charge you for labor.. on work they made happen... anyone that does their own work has very little trouble... Rovers get a bad rap from people who know nothing about how to own one of these rigs..

23rd Jun 2010, 18:00

I recently bought a 1998 Land Rover Discovery. Since then (four weeks ago) I have had the power steering box rebuilt, and had to do other repairs, which cost me a total of $1,600.00 Barbados dollars.

Presently I have another problem, which I would appreciate some help with.

My brake pedal is hard, and I am unable to stop the van efficiently. I disconnected the vacuum hose, and was told that the engine should rev higher when this was done, but there is no change in the rev. I am also hearing a hissing sound when I press the brake pedal.

Please suggest a solution to the problem, so I can try to fix it before spending a great sum at the workshop.

My wife and children love this vehicle!

6th Jul 2010, 12:40

The above comments are cracking me up. Land Rovers certainly do produce mixed emotions don't they? My husband and I bought a 98 Land Rover Discovery. It is is a fun, comfortable ride. My husband loves it, however, it hate it, simply because I'm tired of the repairs.

We've had it for a month and a half and we've had to replace 2 gaskets (oil was leaking), the rear differential joints, bleed the rear brakes, take out light bulb beneath "PRNDL" (it was too hot), two O2 censors, and the leather around the gear shifts is in our glove box waiting to be replaced. I love the feel of the ride but I never drive it because the key keeps getting stuck in the ignition and I can't turn it on and/or off.

9th Jul 2010, 14:02

I have a 98 Discovery and had the experience of the key getting stuck in the ignition. I found the problem to be I wasn't pushing it far enough forward into "Park." If it gets stuck now, I just switch it on and push the gearshift forward more. I usually hear a little "click," and then I can remove the key. Hope this helps!

18th Jul 2010, 02:24

I have a '98 Discovery and I'm having some problems; maybe someone can help me with...

1) The brake lights are out and I'm having trouble changing them. It is a 7 passenger, so it has the rear air. I am having trouble getting to the driver side (left side if you are looking from the back) bulb. I called the dealer and they wanted $160 to change it because they had to remove the AC unit. Is there an easier way?

2) None of my gauges work (i.e. speedometer, tripmeter, etc) Anyone have any ideas why?

Thanks for your help! Love the car!

10th Sep 2010, 11:33

Just bought a 1998 LR Discovery. On the way home from picking it up (about 70 miles) the temperature gauge went all the way to the red zone, but the car did not overheat, nor did any steam come from the engine. Had car looked at this week, and the mechanic could not find anything wrong with the car. However after driving home from the mechanic shop, the temperature gauge shot back up to the Hot (Red) zone. What is going on with this car?? Please help, this is driving me nuts!!!

15th Sep 2010, 21:07

I now have 3 (three) Discovery's, and the latest is for my daughter and son at college. My oldest has a '03, my wife has an '04, and now a '98 with 84k miles. I have serviced these all along, and now need help in getting the '98 through emissions. Can you tell me what is needed to change the spongy brakes and O2 sensor fault codes?



5th Oct 2010, 12:43

Just bought a 2000 Series II. This is my third Disco - one I totaled and one I regretfully traded in.

I picked this up yesterday and have noticed that when I use my left directional the right, rear fog light flashes. Also, the right rear tail light is melting the cover.

Any ideas? I'm scared this might be an expensive fix.


16th Oct 2010, 01:37

Car overheated on Stockton beach towing a trailer; blew water pump, drove off, stopping and starting, no damage to engine, replaced pump and thermostat, still was overheating, mechanic couldn't find anything wrong. He didn't check the thermo fans, asked him about them, tested them, not working, put two cheaper bigger ones in, now never overheated. Heavy slow towing on a hot beach.

16th Oct 2010, 21:24

I have a 98 Disco, and when I accelerate, there is a knocking noise. It is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

25th Oct 2010, 17:13

I also own a '98 Disco with 120 000 miles on it, and I have 2 worries: recently while pushing the gas pedal, it just 'coughs' and feels like it's gonna shut off right in the middle of the road, and the other problem is the ABS light stays always on, & when I brake, it's slippery & there is a very cranky noise, although I spent some $$$ on new brakes!!!???!!!

Any comments or help will be appreciated! Thanx.

6th Apr 2011, 19:26

Have 1998 Disco Passenger. The front seat moves every way except front and back. Any suggestions?


22nd Apr 2011, 14:52

Brake booster.

1st Jul 2011, 20:59

FYI 10w 50 oil is very, very thin... cold as it is only 10 weight cold. It is comparable to 50 weight only when warm, so saying people use too thin of oil, which in turn causes leaks, is a bunch o' hog-wash!

15th Oct 2014, 00:27

My 1998 Land Rover Discovery won't accelerate past 10mph. It sounds like it's sucking air. What do I have to get fixed?

15th Oct 2014, 16:51

Your best bet is probably to stick to side roads and low speed limit roads for now. I wouldn't recommend heading onto highways or freeways given the current state of your truck.

15th Oct 2014, 21:15

Don't even touch a used Range Rover with a 10 foot pole. I see them on Craigslist all the time for $1000 or less; no one is even buying. They are ridiculously expensive to repair/service, and notoriously unreliable.

18th Feb 2015, 01:36

I had the same problem with my 1998 LE Discovery. It has 150k, and the engine is strong even beyond a recent gasket job and it holding coolant - my guess would be, you should check or consider replacing your water pump, and possibly the radiator. I also replaced my thermostat with a brand new LR one, and before doing the other jobs mentioned - that didn't help - the temp gauge would shoot up, and gradually lower to normal limit within 8-10 seconds without overheating. The only other consideration would be to check your rear O2 sensors. If there's a fault code - replace both down streams.

Good luck, MH Lebanon NJ