1998 Land Rover Discovery LE 4.0 V8 from North America


Addicting and real fun!


Leak from the power steering.

Locks stick, but work.

General Comments:

This is a great 4x4 for the person that wants a 4x4 for a lifetime, but likes to maintain a vehicle. They are built heavy duty so they need TLC - grease, oil, and maintenance. Plus a lot of these were pre-owned by soccer moms, and they need to be checked completely over before buying or using.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2008

1998 Land Rover Discovery LE from North America


Fun, but very poorly made and expensive to maintain


I have had the car three weeks. In those 3 weeks, I have replaced:

Valve cover gaskets due to severe oil leaks.

Timing chain.

Front differential (froze up and left me stranded roadside)

Various hoses.


Total repairs in 3 weeks of ownership = $4,000.

General Comments:

I bought the car because I wanted a 4 wheel drive for various outdoor/ski trips, and I had read that land rover is a good one. I was debating whether to get a truck, but decided on the Disco since I could carry equipment in the rain without worry. I bought it used, but had it inspected by a mechanic and was told that everything was in pretty good shape except for an oil leak.

I immediately had the oil leak fixed for around $1000. One week later, another leak developed... another $1000. Then they said I needed a new timing chain, various hoses, and a thermostat for another $1000. Last weekend the front differential broke leaving me stranded on the road side. Tow + repairs = $2000. That's an expensive three weeks!

I commute to work by train, so during the week the car just sits there and is not drive. So probably it has only been driven 4 days since I have owned it. The future does not look good...

The car is comfortable, fun to drive, and nice, but very poorly made. And repairs are so expensive, which just adds insult to injury. If I could do things differently, I would buy another Japanese car.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2006

25th Aug 2006, 12:22

Welcome to Land Rover - your wallet please!

I had one and was very disappointed with it. I had similar problems and believe me you have experienced just the tip of the iceberg.

Look foreword to:

- Large blobs of oil on your driveway and garage (they say if your Land Rover is not leaking it has run out of oil)

- Wheel sensors, speed sensors, O2 sensors, transfer case, weird electrical problems, power door locks and door switches failing, leaky sunroofs <- very common, brakes every 40000Km or less etc. I could go on...

You should dump it now! while you can!

1998 Land Rover Discovery LE 4.0 V8 from North America


O Fantasma. Land Rover is the REAL DEAL


Power Seat switches came out of middle console.

Brake Pads & Rotors had to be replaced.

Auto-Dim Rear View Mirror needs to be replaced (air pocket in the liquid)

Minor leak in Sunroof.

General Comments:

This car is probably one of the best I have owned.

I can drive 3 hours (freeway) on a quarter of a tank... approx. 200miles.


Acceleration is faster 0-60mph than lets say 40-60mph.

Tow up to 6000lbs, however, if going up a steep hill with 6klbs... feels sluggish.. maybe 40mph max. (disappointing, but then again, it's only a 4.0)

Very spacious cabin, a PLUS if you have family/friends who are 6feet or more.

VERY FEW blind spots, you really see everything around you (COMMAND VIEW)

GREAT FACTORY stereo. Far better than many others I have had.

For a 1998, 150k mile engine vehicle... everything is running great. A few minor problems have occurred, but they're just that.. MINOR.

I would buy another one in a HEARTBEAT.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2006

1998 Land Rover Discovery TD5 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


High on comfort, practicality and refinement, but short on reliability and economy


Water tank started leaking after 10,000 miles and had to be replaced.

Power steering failed after 27,000 miles and was repaired soon afterwards, when I was fed up of the heavy steering.

CD player stopped ejecting after 39,000 miles and was replaced too.

Power steering failed again after 46,000 miles and had to be replaced for the second time.

General Comments:

Comfortable, practical and good to drive. But fairly expensive to run and reliability only average at best.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005