1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE 4.0 from North America


For those who need an off road performer!


Have had a few strange electronic problems, lights cutting out and then working again as well as some problems with the power seats working and then suddenly not working.

General Comments:

If off- road performance in a luxury suv is your call, this is your vehicle! I never feel out of place off road or in the mountains. The traction system is amazing! Semi- comfortable on road, extremely comfortable off road!

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

1998 Land Rover Discovery Series 1 V8 from North America


I hope you have a second car to go to work in!


The brake switch malfunctioned, so the transmission would not shift out of park. Had to have the vehicle towed for a 3 dollar part.

Rear sunroof would like onto back seat.

Steering box started leaking and had to be replaced.

The intake manifold developed coolant leak.

The engine was leaking oil from the oil pan and the rear main seal, with less than 30K miles!

Windshield washer fluid would leak out and would not reach rear window.

Transmission shifter cable rusted out, had to be replaced.

Coolant hoses started leaking.

Clock display stopped working.

Currently the vehicle is taking an excessive amount of time to warm-up, I suspect the thermostat is out.

General Comments:

The Discovery is a great head turner. Unfortunately it is always in the shop. I cannot believe this vehicle keeps breaking down for the year and mileage that it has. I could not imagine anyone taking a vehicle like this out four wheeling!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

1998 Land Rover Discovery Safari 2.5 TDi from UK and Ireland


Nothing to beat it off-road, but poor build quality for the money!


Engine/transmission buzzing at 59 mph.

Faulty CD/volume selection.

Leaking roof.

Bi-metallic corrosion on the rear wheel arches.

Gasket/engine pipe problems.

Poor dealer servicing.

General Comments:

With a wife and 3 children, the Discovery was the car we had always wanted. A 7 seater with extras, its spec met our needs and, to some extent, our expectations. However, soon after purchase our doubts about the build quality emerged.

Altering the volume would change the CD. This was put down to faulty switching, but I was told that the system used variable resistance to command the stereo. If the resistance was faulty, the command would be misinterpreted, apparently a common fault.

Our local LR garage continually misdiagnosed problems, gave wrong advice and recommended work under warranty not required. Their servicing was suspect; after one service, my wife was doing the school run and - long story short - was locked in the car because the negative lead to the battery had not been secured.

After rain, on braking the water would pour down the INSIDE of the windscreen.

After about 2 years, bubbles of rust appeared both sides on the wheel arches where they join the upright door frame. This was put down to bi-metallic corrosion and treated, but on handing the car back the problem had returned.

All is not bad. The car was comfortable, we were off road in it twice and had great fun, and for long driving with 3 children it was excellent. I also managed to rescue 2 vehicles, one from a flood and the other from a snowy ditch. I am tempted by the Series II model as a lot of the problems have been addressed. The servicing interval has also been increased. However, if offered a Series I TDi, I wouldn't touch another one with a barge pole.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002

26th Jul 2003, 05:28

I had exactly the same bi-metallic corrosion and audio control problems - and many other irritating, but relatively minor defects. My dealer was sympathetic, but Land Rover customer service would not accept them as their liability. Says a lot about Land Rover's desire to retain customers doesn't it?

19th Oct 2004, 13:55

There is an intermittent buzzing which emits from the speakers. Often times triggered by putting the car into drive. We've taken it to the L.R. Dealer and others, none of whom can diagnose the cause of the noise. It would interesting as to whether anybody else has had a similar experience.