1998 Land Rover Discovery from North America


The worst machine to own on earth!


Head gasket, power seat, power window, various fuses for lights, sun roof, radio.

General Comments:

The worst machine I have ever owned, mostly because the manufacturer has made it so one cannot service it without a specialist. Just try looking in the owners manual where the fuse might be for the power seat... it's NOT listed! It's the same one as the cig lighter BTW. Laugh when you look at the instructions on changing a taillight bulb; it's a one line instruction, neglecting to tell you to practically disassemble the entire rear compartment to get at the bulb; no wonder the dealer charges a grand to replace a brake light bulb!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010

29th May 2010, 13:30

Hmm, no offence, but perhaps you should have looked on here before buying yours. Unfortunately a lot of modern cars are quite stupidly designed when it comes to maintenance.. like those Renaults on which you have to remove the front bumper to change a headlight bulb.

8th Nov 2010, 09:33

I have a hard time believing that any dealership would charge a 1000.00 to change a brake light bulb. I am not sure why you would write a review, but allow someone to rip you off like that. To me, that right there makes no sense.

1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE 4.0L from North America


This is how an SUV should be!


Bought the Discovery with a bad head gasket at 103,000 miles. Replaced all of the engine gaskets and have no issues with the vehicle since.

General Comments:

This vehicle handles very well, and is extremely comfortable to drive on the highway. Handles corners and bumps very comfortably, and for an SUV it is the best ride I have ever been in.

Off-Highway (dirt, gravel, grass, mud) the vehicle handles surprisingly well! As with on-highway driving, it is very comfortable and you can hardly tell the difference between driving on highway vs driving on gravel.

Lots of interior space! With the jump seats we can fit 6 adults comfortably and 7 with some sacrifice. Fits a family of 6 (2 adults 4 children ages 3-12) very well! Great for trips to the beach or pool!

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Review Date: 10th September, 2009

1998 Land Rover Discovery ES TDI 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Makes you feel better about being you


Clutch after about 6 months of owning.

Thermostat after about a year, which caused the head gasket to go.

Engine gave out at 196000 due to unseen mud getting between air con and engine radiators, and overheating.

General Comments:

I will start with the bad bit; when you are running low on fuel, this huge light comes to let you know, but when the engine is overheating, there are no warning lights at all, just one little gauge that you can't see behind the steering wheel. As a result of this, when my thermostat went the car over heated and the head gasket went. About a year later it over heated again due mud getting between the two radiators when off road. This time it piston 2 melted.

Other than that (which I see as 50% design fault 50% my fault), I loved every minute of owning it. It is the best car I have ever owned, when it left me it had done 206000 miles and still drove perfectly. The interior didn't squeak and rattle the leather, although yes it did have signs of wear, was much better than my BMW, which had done under 60k. Off road it was superb and on road, OK it was not a 911, but I never bought it to be. What it was, was very comfortable on long journeys. Much more than my 2000 Merc E220.

It used to do about 30mpg combined, from the 300TDI. The only reason I have put 5/10 for cost of running is the amount it cost to put a new engine in. General servicing and running was much better than my 1.8 Laguna.

The dealers were the most helpful I have ever dealt with. Good example of this I broke the remote locking key fob, I had a spare one by it wasn't tuned to the car and Land Rover Gatwick didn't charge to tune the new one in. Had the same thing with my Merc and they wanted £120 for about 10 min work!

It towed my 19ft caravan with ease almost forgot it was there.

Safety wise, I was traveling down a country lane with wife and two kids in car, when a Volvo 730 cut a corner and hit me head on. Every door in my Disco opened, everyone of my family got out stepped out fine, although Disco was a write off. The driver of the much newer Saab, although OK, could not get out and had to be cut from the car. I don't believe any other car would have looked after me and my family like she did.

Summing up, brilliant long distance cruiser, brilliant off road car, brilliant tow car and brilliant family car.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2009

7th Jan 2009, 08:35

I am looking at buying a Discovery! I had a van version for a week, but sold it back to the guy I got it off because it was rotten!

So many people like them, but so many don't! I just don't know whether it would be a wise move!!!

23rd Oct 2010, 09:59

Just a friendly note; You called the Volvo a Saab :-)

24th Nov 2010, 15:16

My 97 300TDi auto just soldiers on and on. 190,000 miles on it now. Annual oil change, filters every 2 years, all other fluids every 3 yrs. Just runs and runs.

A few trivial problems only. Air leak into the low pressure fuel system caused poor starting for a while, and the ubiquitous door lock issues, but mechanically it's just A1.