W115 300D diesel

For a 35+ year old car, this Mercedes puts newer cars to shame in looks, reliability and performance

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W115 300D 5 cylinder diesel

The best car Mercedes ever built

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W115 240 d

It is great!

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W115 240D 2.4

Wonderful car, would like to fix the smoke screen problem

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W115 300D

A great car, but expensive to repair

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W115 240D diesel

One of the best all-round cars I have driven

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Awesome looking older style Mercedes with great dependability

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W115 240D 2.4 liter diesel

Our 300SDL is fabulous car, but...

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W115 240D 2.4 diesel

The best car I've ever had

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W115 240D 2.4 diesel

A practical classic car that can be driven every day

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W115 220D 2.2L

The best designed car, made safe and reliable

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W115 220d 2.2 diesel

If you know about it, the you will love it

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W115 220D 2.2L diesel

Comfortable, reliable, stylish, slow

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W115 220 Gas

Beautiful, solid, reliable and comfortable - what more could you ask for?

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