W123 240D Diesel

Relieves daddy issues

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W123 300D turbo diesel

One of a kind

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W123 300D turbo diesel

A fine car with style and reliability

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W123 240d


25 words

W123 300 D 3.0 turbo diesel

Fun, safe, and practicality all meet with this car

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W123 240d 2.4L diesel


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W123 300 CD-T turbo diesel

50 words

W123 3.0L turbo diesel

One great car

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W123 300D 3.0 litre turbo diesel

I wish you could buy a new one exactly like it

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W123 240D 2.4L diesel OM616.912

A simple, safe, high-quality car that will last forever

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W123 240D 2.4 litre diesel

If you need a car that can be mended with a brick and a piece of string... This is it

208 words

W123 300D 3.0 turbo diesel

An excellent auto

61 words

W123 240D

The key to a long life is moderation

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W123 300D TurboDiesel 5 cylinder turbo diesel

I don't drive my other two cars anymore!

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W123 240D 2.4L diesel

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W123 300D

Built like a tank

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W123 300D T 3.0 5 cylinder turbo diesel

Much better and roomier than the newer models

155 words

W123 300D 2.4 liter turbo diesel

Going into a turn? Oh yeah, just step on it

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W123 240 D 2.4 liter diesel

If you can find one, it's a stylish, cheap-to-own workhorse

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W123 240D 2.4L diesel

A long-lasting incredibly engineered machine

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