Acclaim Base 2.5

The car is a great runner

32 words

Acclaim 4 door 2.5

Yes I stole it and I'm proud of it

205 words, 2 comments

Acclaim 3.0L

Nice car

93 words

Acclaim base model 2.5 four cylinder.

Durable, Smooth, Simple. The way a car should be

141 words, 4 comments

Acclaim 2.5L TBI

122 words

Acclaim 1.5

The car is utter crap and wasn't worth it

81 words, 5 comments

Acclaim standard

Classic that unfortunately doesn't last forever

282 words, 1 comment

Acclaim 4 cylinder 2.5L Non turbo

Cheap car, good mileage, short life

219 words, 2 comments

Acclaim Base 3.0 Liter

This car was well worth the purchase price and I wish I could still drive it

135 words, 1 comment

Acclaim Base 2.5 I4

Awesome for a '93

97 words, 7 comments

Acclaim 2.5

Terrific for students on a tight budget

170 words, 2 comments

Acclaim Base 2.4 liter

Car that's worth its weight in dirt

82 words, 1 comment

Acclaim 2.5L

Few options, but cheap and dependable

60 words, 2 comments

Acclaim 2.5L. 4 cylinder

A unreliable money pit

89 words, 9 comments