Sundance 4 door sedan 2.2 liter

Best little car ever!!!

119 words

Sundance 2.5L 100hp 4 cylinder.

Dependable and an overall excellent value

598 words

Sundance Hatchback turbo

Nothing as good on the market today

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Sundance 2.2

Cheap reliable first car

225 words

Sundance RX 2.5 turbo

High erformance bargain and its true

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This car is cheap and long lasting

64 words

Sundance 2.5

Great economical fun car

66 words

Sundance Base 2.5L non-turbo

Cheap and Easy to Fix, I love and miss her!

276 words

Sundance 2.5

Chrysler can never build another engine like what they put in my car

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Sundance RS 2.2

A great car, I would honestly buy thisanother car like this again

104 words

Sundance RS 2.5 non-turbo

Although the resale value is very poor, it is a great car to have

53 words

Sundance Liftback Sedan 4 cylinder

Great handling, it was like a little racer

121 words, 1 comment

Sundance Base 2.2 liter 4

An extremely fun car

24 words

Sundance 2.5 L

63 words, 1 comment

Sundance 2.2 OHC

39 words