1995 Volkswagen Jetta reviews from North America

Jetta GL 2.0

Great car, runs well

589 words

Jetta GL 2.0

Very good car for the money

100 words

Jetta GL 2 L

Damn fine car

163 words

Jetta GL

Great car if you have the patience


Too many problems to handle!

Jetta GLX 2.8 VR6

Great car and fast as hell

79 words

Jetta GL 2.0L

Great car for commuting

55 words

Jetta 2.0

Piece of crap

21 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 2.0

Such a sweet ride!!

83 words

Jetta GL lll

This has been a reliable car overall

Jetta GLX VR6

Fast, fun, simple, but sophisticated!

99 words

Jetta GL 2.0

A mechanics nightmare

163 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS 2.0

Overrated and Overpriced JUNK

234 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

Pleasure to own and drive

95 words

Jetta GL 2.0

Excellent car, great mileage, quick and fun

297 words

Jetta GL 2.0

A spacious and comfortable car that's good on gas, reliable and fun to drive

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Jetta GL III 2.0L 4C

I love this car so far

89 words

Jetta GLS 2.0 Ltr. 4 cylinder.

This car sucks!!!

112 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL III 2.6L

It sucks!

82 words, 6 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

Poor engineering

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Jetta GL 2.0

It's a great, reliable, economic, and fun car.

109 words

Jetta GLS 2.0 4 cylinder

Wish I could like it, but many problems, and bad dealer service

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Jetta GLS 2.0L 4 cylinder

Great College Car! Extremely satisfied

159 words

Jetta GL 2.0 4 cl.

Very reliable if maintained continuously

150 words, 1 comment

Jetta III 2.0

A solid car

107 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLX VR6 2.6 VR6

Flawed, but very rewarding for the $. Recommend the VR6 if the price of gas doesnt scare you :)

162 words

Jetta III Celebration 2.0 gas

A sporty car that's fun to drive!

65 words

Jetta GL III

A drain on my pocket book from day one.

Jetta GS

Great car for a YOUNG enthusiast

Jetta GL III 4 cylinder

My Jetta has been a dependable car as long as I keep up on the never ending repair costs

147 words

Jetta 40th Celebration Ed. 2.0

Reliable and sporty

140 words

Jetta GLX 2.8

Economical for a 6 cylinder, fast and fun, but not cheap, and almost unreliable sometimes

458 words, 9 comments

Jetta GL III V4 Manual

A horribly engineered car

167 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 2.8

My favorite out of 11 cars I've owned, and I will own more VW's!

258 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

Great car for commuting to work

93 words

Jetta Celebration Edition 2.0L

Made me VW loyal

50 words

Jetta GL 2.0

Not that great

174 words

Jetta GL 2.0 gas

My daughter and I negotiate over whom gets to drive it next

75 words

Jetta GL 2.0L 8-Valve

Very Nice

60 words

Jetta GL 2.0

A joke

98 words

Jetta III/4 Door Sedan

Not worth it!!

Jetta GLS 2.0

Unparalleled balance of class and sport

88 words, 1 comment

Jetta 40th Celebration 2.0L

A fun, reliable, trustworthy car

182 words

Jetta GL III 3.0

So cute but makes me cry

127 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 2.0

A fun to drive piece of junk!

221 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLX VR6

Fun to drive, but unreliable

237 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

This car is junk!

84 words, 3 comments

Jetta Celebration Edition 2.0 4 cylinder

This is a car that should be classified as a lemon!!

339 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL

Good, practical car

Jetta 40th Celebration Ed. 2.0L gasoline 4 cyl.

GREAT car for the money

207 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 2.0

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