Toyota LiteAce reviews from Philippines


LiteAce GXL

Nice car.. handy, easy to maneuver in turns..


LiteAce GXL 5k

16 words, 109 comments


LiteAce LX 1.5 gasoline

233 words, 9 comments

LiteAce GLX 5K. 1.5 cc

The Lite-Ace is a very practical, reliable, durable, simple, useful and low maintenance vehicle

280 words, 5 comments


LiteAce Toyota 5K

Reliable family car

119 words, 2 comments

LiteAce Lite Ace 91 5K

The car is a great value-for-money, too bad they already stopped its production

69 words

LiteAce GXL 1.5 5K

76 words, 67 comments