21st Feb 2017, 02:27

My Lite Ace 96 is suffering the same overheating problem. Can I ask how much will it cost?

27th Feb 2017, 12:16

Dear Liteace user.

I think one of the root causes of the overheating problem is the water coming out of the radiator neck. You need to replace the neck with a new one or try to repair the neck for proper fitting of the radiator cap. See MegaZip site for ordering the part.

4th Apr 2017, 05:21

If your engine is 5k, don't use a 4k cylinder head gasket. I experienced that trouble when I used a 4k cylinder gasket for my 5k engine.

4th Aug 2017, 17:18

When old Toyotas have an overheating problem, it may be solved by a radiator overhaul and pressured water cleaning.

If there's no low compression issue (top overhaul needed to replace with an appropriate gasket), in my case, I replace the radiator cap, OEM if possible. If it's not yet solved, replace the thermostat gadget (OEM too, surplus shops in Banawe have originals).

Finally, please check the radiator neck if it's corroded (mostly due to some cracks leading to easy water evaporation) or if it's made of hard plastic - a Toyota's overlooked mechanism.

Yes, if it's plastic - have a customized replacement made of copper. For P1k (as of 2015), that solved our overheat problems, being a Toyota lover ever since learning to drive.

My street mechanic's in Mindanao Ave., QC, just in front/opposite of the 2nd gate of Veterans Hospital where there's an auto supply, nr Petron... helped me a lot in solving overheat problems. Just look for Orly or Jun, a Bicolano (open everyday except Sundays). They are very supportive.

Finally, an additional small auxiliary fan installed in front of the radiator keeps it cool.

4th Aug 2017, 17:36

Using coolant has pros & cons.

Coolants sometimes add to "amags", a silvery white algae similar on what you see on the end terminals of car batteries (in the case of batteries, apply grease in the lead area affected). Mineral water only in the radiator is still the best to avoid corrosion, especially in tropical countries like Ph.

Likewise, retain your thermostat gadget. The manufacturer did not devise it to be in the cooling system without a noble purpose; they've got a research department after all.

13th Aug 2017, 01:14

Hello sir, are you from Cavite? I also own a 90 model Liteace from Cavite.

11th Sep 2017, 07:16

Does the 116 primary and 150 secondary jets of your carb make a big difference in gas consumption... since the original jet setting of 5k is 115 to 135.


13th Mar 2018, 09:56

Hi... I've got a 1990 Liteace 5K engine and no issues with overheating... even if the A/C is always on... and even in traffic. I am a second owner and before I acquired or bought the unit... I made sure of the following to avoid any overheating that would result in expensive repairs: (Salute to the 1st owner as he took care of making sure the van doesn't overheat!)

1. He removed the fan connected to the engine... replaced it with a bigger fan/blower (from a Nissan van)and relocated it directly on the radiator itself and run it continuously while the van is switch on or running.

2. Removed the condenser of the front aircon and relocated it in front (under)... near the bumper... so the radiator is free standing and no obstruction whatsoever.

3. Removed the thermostat.

4. Made sure that radiator cap is in perfect condition.

Additional info: 5k engines require a Long Tip spark plug which is the right spark plug!!... and replaced the jettings with a smaller one... helps in fuel consumption.

6th Sep 2018, 21:59

Sir, how did you convert the alternator?

16th Mar 2019, 03:19

Hello there!

Yeah it's possible to change the engine to a 2c diesel, but there are a lot of things to consider...

1. Engine support must be re-aligned.

2. Convert brake vacuum hose that leads to the alternator. Originally the 5k takes it from the intake manifold.

3. The 2c engine is a lot bigger than the 5k, so it'll take a lot of space.

You can check some differences in them regarding their sizes...

Hope this can help.


18th Sep 2019, 15:34

Hi, I'm Ronald,

I got my 2nd hand GXL 97 2 months ago. I just noticed that sometimes on a short ride after I parked my car for half an hour, I experience the hard starting problem. Any inputs on why this happened?

5th Oct 2019, 23:24

Hi... Does the alternator of the 4k engine fit with the 5k engine of a Toyota LightAce?