27th Aug 2008, 11:33

I forgot the name of the cylinder head gasket but I bought it from Toyorama in Banaue. I think I bought it around P600.00.

29th Aug 2008, 05:55

Hi, I am Al from manila, having trouble with my Lite-Ace 92mdl 4K engine, keep on adding water every time I drive it. I decided to get this van overhauled, I think it's the cylinder head gasket. other than I have no other problems as of now. This van is really good and very cheap to maintain.

22nd Oct 2008, 05:10

Hi. I am Orlando from QC. I own a LiteAce 96 model. And the same as you guys, I'm experiencing overheating.

And another thing is the hard starting engine, specially when cold. Can you please help me out with my problem. Please email at ohlopez2003@yahoo.com

2nd Dec 2008, 04:41

Hello Guys, I am Wynn from Laguna and I also have a GXL '94 L-Ace. I got it B/N and works really well. I'm having overheating problems with it lately but other than that it is great. I use Caltex Delo Gold for oil (even on my car and bike) since I bought it and I find the oil very very good in all driving conditions. I do a lot of long distance driving in my line of work, with heavy load too. Synthetic oil or Fully Synthetic oil is recommended for newer engines with small moving part tolerance so I don't recommend using it. Additives are an extra expense and it doesn't do any good, sometimes it will cancel out the existing additive in your oil. I changed the main jets to 116 and 150 on the secondary... what a great improvement. I make 12km/Lt hi way and 10km/Lt city... but again driving habits have a very big factor in getting good mileage plus a a good tune-up.

Finally found a good site where we L-Ace owners can exchange experiences and ideas. More Power!!!

29th Jan 2009, 05:16

Hi Toyota Lite owners.

I'm Chris, a proud owner of Toyota Liteace FXV with a 2.0-liter engine.

I have never experienced overheating since I bought this 2nd hand van.

I replaced my water pump, belts, valve cover gasket, alternator brush, steering rack, rack end, tie rods, and lastly the bushings. I did the replacements all by myself.

I brought my van to the shop when we had to clean the oil filter screen and had the radiator overhauled and cleaned. My advice is check always your reservoir and radiator, and fill it up with distilled water (wilkins/absolute) only, and not the antifreeze solutions (expensive) which easily clogs up your radiator that causes overheating.

Use STP engine flush every oil change because it really cleans up your engine with sludge, and you will notice that the next oil change would be cleaner. Fill it up with Toyota motor oil 20w-50 - the recommended weight of oil for 5k,7k petrol engines. It is unwise and expensive to use semi-synthetic and synthetic oil, which are thinner.

Lastly, it would be better to replace parts (preferably with surplus -japan) rather than repairs. Hope this would help you a little in maintaining your van.

13th Feb 2009, 10:34

Hi there, am from Imus Cavite and also a proud owner of a 94GLXi Toyota Lite-Ace. It's fun reading the thread. I will post some tips next time I visit this web.

8th Mar 2009, 04:58

Hi. I have a general question about lowering a LiteAce. Is it bouncy? I own a '91 Lite Ace. Thanks.

24th Mar 2009, 00:21

Please post some more tips.. proud owner of 94 model...

21st Apr 2009, 01:25

I am a proud owner of Toyota Liteace model 96. I just bought it last month, second hand. It is equipped with a 7K Toyota engine. The problem is the engine temperature goes up to 3/4 or higher when the aircon is operating in a traffic jam or while it is parked. There's no overheating problem when it is running at top speed, even with the aircon is full blast. Another problem is its fuel consumption, 6-7 km per liter! What should be done? Thanks for your help.

25th Apr 2009, 11:18

I own a 1997 Lite ace. I really love this minivan. Same with other liteace owners, I have overheating problems when the A/C is turned on.. I am planning to install auxiliary fan on the condenser beside the radiator.. Will this help to remedy overheating problems? Can someone explain to me what are 3 row radiators? Thanks...

18th May 2009, 01:44

Hi, I am Eric from San Pablo Laguna, I'm planning to buy a Liteace, can someone give me a tip on how to buy an almost perfect engine so that I will not encounter any problems like overheating or low aircon? Thanks a lot.

30th Jul 2009, 02:58


We own a 92 LiteAce, and yes had frequent problems on the aircon but no problem on overheating.

As I read through the comments and suggestions on

1. Low mileage

2. Poor power

3. Temp easily rises

I remembered that our van used to have that problem too and found out that the brakes were stuck, especially the front brakes. Please have it checked by your mechanic.

Thank you for the tips guys.

20th Aug 2009, 01:35

I am a 5 year owner of a 95 GXL Liteace and the most complaint I have heard is overheating.

Three major causes of the engine heating up are poor water circulation due to clogged tubes, slow water cooling system due to slow rotating fans and lack or loss of water or coolant in the system while running.

To remedy the situation, have your radiator cleaned at least once a year to ensure good water circulation. Check your cooling fan's clutch system, whether the fan can blow enough air to cool the radiators (aircon and engine). The fan is normally equipped with a clutch that allows the fan to rotate at its own speed. When this malfunctions, the fan rotates slower than the engine, thus lesser cooling.

The 3rd major cause is: low water level. This happens usually due to inadequate water level at the reservoir, leaks in the radiator or hoses, and pressure leaks coming from the engine pistons going to the cooling system due to defective cylinder head gaskets.

For the last item, the water or coolant is lost while the engine is running because pressure from the pistons, enters the cooling system and pushes the water/coolant out of the mouth of your radiator or water reservoir.

18th Sep 2009, 00:12

If you're looking for the drain plug, it's on the right side of the radiator right below the hose fitting. Hope this helps.

19th Sep 2009, 07:41

Hi, I was planning on buying a LiteAce 94 model. I've seen one, it is loaded with power windows, locks, alarm and str (not sure about str). Is it fair price for 160K?

1st Oct 2009, 03:55

Hi, good thing I chanced upon this site. I have a 1986 Toyota Corolla II- NL30 (Japan Type) and I had overheating problems. I had the engine opened and the mechanic found out that the Cylinder Head Gasket has been burned. Please help me locate where to buy the head gasket?

10th Oct 2009, 05:21

HI LITEACE lovers, I'm Jun from Tayuman. I own a 1990 Liteace, also having a problem with overheating, I already changed the cylinder head gaskets and radiator overhauled. After 30-45 minutes of driving, it will start overheating... Any suggestions or recommendations of good mechanics will be highly appreciated... Thanks.

7th Dec 2009, 01:37

Hi to all Lite Ace Lovers out there... I just bought a Lite Ace model 92 with a 5k engine and it consumes too much fuel. It only runs about 6km without aircon for every liter of gasoline. I change already the jet from 105 - 155 to 100 -100 as per advice of my mechanic, but it didn't improve. Can anyone give a suggestion on what more to do, because I read some comments here that say that it can be improved up to 10 km per liter.