26th Feb 2015, 13:33

Sir, you need to change the position of the condenser.

2nd Apr 2015, 09:41

To all LiteAce owners out there, I own a 1994 model with a 5k engine. I ran out of gasoline 2 days ago, and when I refilled the gasoline, I tried to pump the gas pedal several times and tried to start the engine, but it won't work. Do you have any suggestions to help me? Thank you.

26th May 2015, 13:50

Hi, I'm Lex from Tondo. I'm also a Toyota LiteAce van 3rd owner. I read some problems about overheating, especially in a traffic situation.

My recommendations:

#1 Take out or remove the thermostat. Manila is not a cooled country.

#2 Modify the blower and make it fixed, not free wheeling. To do this call an expert, and maybe if you do this your headache will fixed forever.


10th Jun 2015, 00:24

I own a 95 model LiteAce, and the main problem is overheating. Every solution has been done to eliminate this problem, but it still recurs. We are suspecting that the engine block may be damaged because of boiling water coming out from the radiator every time the van runs.

Is there anything that we can do to resolve this overheating problem?

Thank you.

15th Jun 2015, 09:31


What does the T-type connector look like in your engine and what does it do? Does the water still go to the reservoir tank? Thank you.

25th Jun 2015, 09:50

Hi there Acies... I have a turbo charged 3CT diesel LiteAce 92, & have trouble finding a replacement fuel pump... and I'm told it's up $1500 to recondition it... Yow!! Any help suggestions/help appreciated as have bought this little honey & hardly got to enjoy her.

Thanks, Evie.

6th Jul 2015, 04:46

Mine is a 93 model, 13km per liter city driving, Baguio City PA.

7th Jul 2015, 11:44

Overheating problems:

1. Overhaul your radiator... There may be a large amount of residue, due to dirt, rust, and other substances (around P1k).

- This really solved my problem

- Use ready mix coolant

2. Remove the thermostat, or change the radiator neck if damaged due to rust, and also the radiator cap, change to larger pressure.

- There's no more supply for a new radiator neck; use sand paper, or ask your mechanic to fix it.

3. Check the tubes and pipes of the radiator, they may be damaged, or have holes.

7th Jul 2015, 13:17

Replace the radiator neck.

8th Jul 2015, 09:42

Lite Ace 5k engine overheating is usually caused by:

1. The radiator location is about 5 inches from the clutch fan. Ask your mechanic to relocate the radiator 1 1/4 inch from the fan.

2. The clutch fan is not working properly; ask your mechanic to check it, and if it's found to be defective or silicon oil has leaked and it dried up, replace the clutch fan, or if you want to save money, put epoxy steel on the clutch so it will run at the same speed as the engine, providing more air to pass through the radiator.

15th Sep 2015, 02:57

My 5k engine Liteace 92 model van runs 6km/liter city driving with two passengers without aircon. Jet is: 100 primary, 130 secondary. Can anyone help me with how to fix it? What changes to make it run at least 10km/liter if possible?

TIA po :-)

15th Sep 2015, 08:15

Thumbs up for your van sir :-)

What changes have you done?

Please share to us. What number of your primary and secondary jets used? Engine oil used? Spark plugs used? Gas brand used? etc..

My 5k Kasi runs 6-7km/l only city driving. Tia.

7th Oct 2015, 20:20

Hi, just want to know, I'm changing a 5k engine to a 2c engine on a kr27 van. Are the bell housing and engine mounting on the chassis the same?


18th Jan 2016, 08:35

Eric from Q.C. I just read the comments about gas consumption. What is the correct jet setting to get a 10 km/liter gas consumption?

My Liteace is 1990 model with a 5k engine. I haven't experienced overheating since I got the van, but I wonder if it is more expensive in the long run to change the engine to a diesel 3C-T diesel engine? Premium and diesel have a big difference in price. Can you provide me with the correct jet setting so I can try to change the stock jet on my Liteace? Please reply to my email: ericralph_corpuz@yahoo.com. Thanks.

11th Feb 2016, 08:48

i have a Toyota Lite Ace GXL. I had my head gasket changed less than a year ago, refaced the head and it went well, but recently the temperature is rising and water from the reservoir is consumed very fast. Radiator has no leaks. I read previous comments here about the "thermostat bypass". Do you think it is the problem? My GXL does not really have a life of hard labor because it runs just under 36km a week.

11th Feb 2016, 08:51

Also is it possible for a 4k engine to be replaced in the GXL (5K engine) with the same 5 speed transmission? I need your brilliant advice.

5th Apr 2016, 06:50

Hi... I'm the proud owner of a 1994 Toyota Lite Ace... we are experiencing a loud whistling, but we don't experience an overheating problem. Is it advisable to replace the water pump, since we already tuned up the engine?

17th Apr 2016, 21:26

Cause of hissing noise:

1. Water pump belt.

2. Alternator bearing.

3. Loose bolts of exhaust manifold.

4. Water pump shaft misalignment.

22nd Apr 2016, 15:49

In the 4th paragraph, that's the problem of my LiteAce. Please help me, what should I do to fix that problem? Thanks.

6th Jun 2016, 15:38

Yes, it's a head gasket problem.

6th Jun 2016, 15:40

You need to change the cylinder head gasket.

7th Jul 2016, 13:12

Try to change your primary jetting to 90 and also replace the old distributor with an electronic type. The fuel efficiency will be 9 km/liter or even higher.

13th Oct 2016, 09:14

My car also has the problem of the temperature goes high when stuck in traffic. The temperature goes down when driving fast. Liteace 5k engine.

2nd Nov 2016, 14:46

When you are driving fast, more air goes thru the radiator. That is why the temp. goes down. When you are stuck in traffic, nothing else cools down your radiator but the fan. Now if the temp. goes up when stuck in traffic, there must be something wrong with your cooling fan. If it's mechanically driven by the engine, check the clutch of the fan. But if it's electrically driven, check the fan motor/s, engine coolant temp. sensor (ECTS), or worst... the wiring, that could be eaten up by some rodents, unless you've hired a cat to guard the underhood. Hehe... kidding.

16th Nov 2016, 04:53

The Shift Level Cable of my unit (Liteace 1995) was broken. We could not find part replacement in our area. Please help me find one, guys! Thanks...

18th Dec 2016, 15:17

I think you need to replace your belt on your A/C and check the bearings on the pulleys.

11th Jan 2017, 11:01

Hi! I also have a Liteace and the problem with my car is the same with yours; try to check or replace your thermostat housing, and also check your reservoir.

18th Jan 2017, 07:15

I own a 95 model LiteAce, and the main problem is overheating. Every solution has been done to eliminate this problem, but it still recurs. We are suspecting that the engine block may be damaged because water is coming down out from the radiator every time the van runs, and the oil is a milky color.

Is there anything that we can do to resolve this overheating problem?