14th Dec 2009, 09:53

Hi guys! May I know what kind of engine oil do you use for a Toyota 5K engine? Is it really advisable to use an oil flush?

5th Mar 2010, 07:34

What is the maximum km of a LiteAce 1995 model per liter when the aircon is on? Mine is like 4.5 liters for 24.3KM when the aircon is on, too expensive eh... Any suggestions how to increase the KM in a liter??? Hope you could give me some suggestions, here's my contact roonjea89@yahoo.com Thank you so much!!!

16th Mar 2010, 01:34


The 95 GXL Liteace should run 7-8 km city driving like Cebu City. For long distance trips, mine runs 9-10km per liter with aircon on and with 5 passengers plus luggage. I tried running it without using aircon, and it ran at 12km per liter.

Have your engine tuned up and observe the mileage. If there is still no significant change in consumption, have your engine totally overhauled. You could have bad piston rings already. You would know it also when you go to the exhaust emission center. Mine had 0.9 of CO2 when tested. The max is 4.5.

31st May 2010, 09:23

My name is Tony. I live in the United Kingdom. I have just purchased a 1994 Lite Ace MPV 4x4 with 92,560 on the odometer. Is this miles or kilometers?

Also I have had overheating, and the dealer says it is the head gasket. Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.

31st May 2010, 22:01

I have a 94 GXL Liteace (first owner). 2 years ago it was stolen there was an accident. We got it back, but we had to have the engine replaced (5k still). Read the comments about over heating and poor mileage, so I am planning to try those.

But my other problems are after the accident I lost the power steering and windows, wipers, water for the wipers, all don't work properly or at all.

Now the radio is broken and something rattles when I step on the gas. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a place here in Manila where I can get all these problems fixed/replaced? The mechanics I've gone to so far just troubleshoot, but after a few trips, the problem reoccur.

8th Jun 2010, 06:03

Hi my name is Mel. I own a 54 Liteace, been using it for more that 2 years now. Got no major problems with it except the rise of temperature when the A/C is on. I tried the following:

Overhauled radiator.

Replaced cap.

Added coolant.

Flushed water.

Added aux fans.

No luck! But guys, when the A/C is off, the temp does not even touch the 1/4 mark, even in high noon traffic and long drives. But when the A/C is on, ouch!

This month I will try to relocate the condenser away from the engine. The specialist recommended it be positioned in the middle portion of the vehicle, just past and below the drivers seat, then add a dedicated fan. They said they have done lots of mods with this approach and it has solved overheating problems. The cost is around 3500.

I'll let you know what happens next and give more detail.

If it fails, I will try replacing the cyl gasket...

20th Jun 2010, 18:47

Hi guys.

We own a '99 LiteAce (5K engine), and it was also having temperature trouble when the A/C is on. We tried so many things, (radiator overhaul, cylinder head reface, gasket replacement, additional auxiliary fan, coolant, etc.) but still the problem occurs. The water keeps coming out of the reserve container. One day last March 2010, I decided to try my friend's mechanic at Banawe, QC. The assessment was to have the cylinder head hydrotested. When it failed, we bought a new replacement cylinder head (China or Taiwan), original head gasket and had it tuned up. The problem stopped, and I was happy, up to now. The temperature is kept on the half way mark, even on a hot day, A/C on and too much traffic. I spent around Php 12T for all the repair works but it's worth it.

Jojie (09176612175)

1st Aug 2010, 00:28

I also own an Lite Ace van here in Baguio, and I also encountered the same problem with overheating, especially when using the A/C. It's terrible. Even though I don't need A/C since I'm living in Baguio, I need it every time I go to Manila.

It's my all around van. I love this van.

Hope you can help me find solution on the over heating problem. It overheats not even crossing one bayan at a straight highway of Pangasinan. It's really terrible, especially when my kids are with me; I need to use the A/C without over heating the engine.

9th Aug 2010, 23:52

Hi Guys.

We own a '99 LiteAce and here are my experiences.


1. Water is coming out of the coolant reserve. This will cause the radiator water level to go down therefore causing engine overheating.


1. Have your cylinder head hydro tested from a machine shop to check for problems and reface if still possible. If not, buy a replacement cylinder head (less than Php 10T in Banawe QC). Surplus cylinder head is an option but it is difficult to find a good one and still will cost around Php 6T.

2. Have the cylinder head gasket replaced after solution #1.

3. Have the radiator overhauled, replace the old radiator cap and put coolant instead of regular water. (Some are using distilled drinking water though instead of coolant).

4. Put two auxiliary fans to help in the air circulation of the engine. One is manually turned on/off and the other one is simultaneous with the A/C. This is mandatory to attain low temperature even on heavy traffic.

I have done all this for our LiteAce and up to now there is no overheating problem. Hope this can solve your problems too.


19th Aug 2010, 19:01

Hi, I have a 4k Toyota engine in a 1992 Toyota Liteace van, which will not idle properly. Sounds good cold, but when hot, runs rough, then stops. The only way to keep going seems to be by turning the idle screw up. Have had the head off and replaced the head gasket. Any ideas? Thanks.

13th May 2011, 22:17

Andoy: Overheating problem on Toyota Liteace;

1st check the radiator; if rusty, send for cleaning. (1994 GXL there's 2 radiators; 1 in front of the engine & 1 small type under the vehicle body).

a) Check the radiator fan clutch.

2nd Check hoses; clean & replace worn hoses.

3rd Check radiator cap; replace it if necessary.

4th Check for water pump leakage.

If the problem still persists:

5th send the vehicle for top overhaul;

a) Buy original cylinder gasket (800 pesos) at Banawe, Q. C (toyorama or toyocars near E. Rodriguez)

b) Check with a mechanic if you need to send the engine block for crack testing at any machine shops.

If you want to save money, follow this procedure.

18th May 2011, 03:10

I used to have high temperature readings but not really overheating because it's not on the red zone. I hope you can consider my modifications done to eliminate high temp. What I did is limit the flow of water through the bypass hose near the water pump, and use radiator coolant. The coolant acts as lubricant to the water pump seal to prolong its lifespan.

But up to now my real problem is the air-conditioning, can't find the leak, or you might say can't find a very good air-con technician.

Lack of power it is, climbing you will be there but on a snail pace, with your loved ones on board enjoying the view.

I'll keep this van, as long as I can.