29th Apr 2007, 23:08

May I ask. Do you have a shop or do you know a mechanic who knows exactly what you described? How can I contact you?

3rd May 2007, 10:49

Can anyone tell me where is wiper's water container, the wiper in front. I had mine just last week, gxl 97 model, love it!

11th May 2007, 12:28

You can find the wiper's water tank on the right side of the back swing door. there's a plastic tank containter there.

25th May 2007, 05:08

I noticed that 4k and 5k engine don't fit to lite-ace van.

Just listening to its roaring sound, tells me that the power of the engine is not sufficient for the mass of the body.

We own a lite-ace GXL '91 model (not sure about the year model tho) limited edition bought from Subic. it has a 2C-T engine and AT 4X4 transmission. We've been using it for 4 years and we experienced two overheat incidents, even it has two radiators. After we overhauled the engine and radiators properly, we don't experience any overheating so far. Its maximum temperature nails 1/4 of the gauge even on a heavy traffic and full blast air-condition.

I noticed that the lite-ace has a poor air-conditioning structure, no matter how powerful your compressor is, it is not sufficient to make the rear side of the van cool.

The biggest problem we've encountered is the starter. It won't start the engine when its needed to, especially when it is too hot outside, until now even it is repaired and cleaned, I'm still not confident that it won't go insane again.

27th Jun 2007, 05:58

Hi guys.. may I know somebody who can help me regarding the noise in my lite-ace. I have observed that when my car is running and open my air-con theirs a sound like an airplane running on a runway, what do you think is the problem in my van?

25th Jul 2007, 04:07

Hi! I'm Ace, Owner of Lite Ace GXL 96 model. I would like to know if it is possible if I change my 5K engine to 2C diesel engine. Is there any problem with regards to the performance vehicle?

Hope to hear your comments before I go with my decision.



16th Aug 2007, 03:11


Have experienced overheating, though I travel only about 15km in 30 minutes. The temp gauge rises up to 3/4.

The mechanic's solution was to open up the cylinder head and changed the head gasket, making also sure that all the water jacket holes will allow water/coolant to pass through. Now the temp gauge goes to mid-temp only even if traffic crawls to 10 km/hr.

24th Oct 2007, 02:43


My name is Victor from Hong Kong and going to buy a 90 Liteace next week. Apart from the overheating problem, what shoudl I check when taking the car. Please advise. Thx!

25th Oct 2007, 20:28

Hi! I have a 1994 toyota lite ace and this is my second one. I experienced in both my lite is the gas consumption. It consumes 1 liter of gasoline for every 4-5 kilometers. Is this a right consumption for a 5k engine car? What could be the problem? What should I do?

Please help me. Gasoline keeps on getting expensive and I love my car.

1st Dec 2007, 05:47

This is Marvin: I changed my engine to 2C-turbo from 5K engine, I'm upgrading my radiator to 3 rows, and I removed the condenser from the radiator. There is no more overheating, more engine power at low cost diesel and air-con also good. - text me at 09196258858.

3rd Dec 2007, 01:42

Hi There.

I bought a Toyota lite ace 93 model and it's still fresh. The KM reading is 62thou only. But there are some scratches on the right side. When I used it from Caloocan to Cavite the temp goes to almost 1/2. I know this is not normal specially when I'm driving in a highway it goes to 1/2 and when in traffic it goes down below 1/2. So, I've decided to full down the radiator (overhauled) and have the lav'ramon cleaned the line in the engine. Now the engine temp is good it goes 1/4 or between 1/4 and 1/2 in a traffic and in a highway it goes below 1/4. Try to clean reservoir, radiator, change the cap and clean all the rubber.

13th Dec 2007, 22:53

Hi! I'm Jonathan. Well my father bought a LitAce 93. We just got the air conditioning fixed, but when I run at high noon my gauge goes up half (air on on)... every time this happens I turn the thermostat off... but when at night it just 1/4 temp... I don't have much knowledge on engines; please make it simple or I'll just show it to my mechanic... water is a constant... but still the temp is killing me.. I ALSO LOVE OUR CAR!!! THANK YOU...

28th Dec 2007, 00:21

Hi there! I bought a LiteAce 96 model in Pampangga. This is my first car, and because of this stylish and cute van, I really like this car.

I did not mind the overheating, or luck of power, poor air-con.. as I read from the comments. I just prepared myself to have the tools for any problem when I'm traveling.

But I was amazed! I started from Pampangga and stop at NAIA, and continued for 10 hours driving to Bicol, exactly to Pili, Camarines sur.

I can tell you guys, this is great... no overheating, engine was running smoothly, air-con open...

I think the Toyota company has already taken the action.

Thanx a lot! Gary.

3rd Feb 2008, 00:08

Hi, I drive a 1995 model Lite Ace GXL which I have been using for 12 years now. I haven't experienced any major problem aside from the occasional overheating and the inadequate air-conditioning system. Seems to me that many of you guys are determined to keep your vans despite these seemingly common problems. I still think it is quite dependable and will serve you a long time as long as it is regularly maintained.

30th Apr 2008, 23:00

How can I install a cold air intake system on liteiace 5k engine.

14th May 2008, 09:41

Hello all! I'm Gary from Subic and is driving a Lite Ace FX-V with A/T. The car is good and it does the job. I have also experienced overheating problems with it. My uncle gave up on it and doesn't want to drive it because of its overheating problem. When I got to fill it up with almost 5 liters of water in the radiator, It work perfectly fine under the heat of the sun, stuck in traffic in Bacoor, Cavite, with A/C full blast. I even got it to travel from Dasma to Subic without any problems. mileage is 10kms/liter, highway driving. 6-8kms/liter city. It certainly earned its right to stay in my family. Just don't forget to always fill the radiator with water or coolant to keep your adventures trouble-free.

26th Aug 2008, 10:50

I'm Freddie of Fairview, Q.C., an owner of a 1994 Lite Ace GXL. I bought this van two years ago and the temperature reaches only 1/4 the most in traffic. I began experiencing overheating only last year and the solution was the replacement of the cylinder head gasket. Be sure to replace the cylinder head gasket with an original one. However I have noticed that I only run around 8 kms/ liter. I have asked several Lite Ace owners about their gas consumption and they told me their vans consume around 1 liter per 10-11 kilometers. The primary jet installed in my carburetor is 106 and the secondary jet is 120. Will someone advised me if I need to replace my carburetor jets to extend my gas mileage?