Accord S 1.8i

Indestructible engine, and an excellent car all round!

282 words

Accord S 1.8 vtec

Relaxing classy car with good engine

72 words

Accord S 1.8

Very nearly faultless - great car!

256 words, 1 comment

Accord SE 2.0

Practical, safe, sensible...yawn

270 words

Accord 1.8 VTEC SE Sport 1.8 VTEC

Very close to perfect

271 words, 2 comments

Accord SE 1.8 Vtec

Pathetically slow and shoddy

210 words, 8 comments

Accord SE 1.8

A very comfortable family car

152 words

Accord SE Executive 2.0

Heartily recommended as it does everything so well - I'm getting another next year.

190 words

Accord 1.8se 1.8vtec

I have absolutely no confidence in this car or the service of the manufacturers

168 words

Accord 2.0SE 2.0 litre VTEC

One of the best cars I have owned

116 words

Accord VTEC SE 1.8

A wolf in OAP's clothing!

200 words

Accord Type R 2.2 VTEC 16v 4 cylinder

One of the best

502 words, 5 comments

Accord SE 2.0

The near-perfect all-rounder

63 words

Accord SE Executive 2.0 VTEC

Superb refined car that can plays very well with the boy racers

176 words, 14 comments

Accord VTEC S 1.8 16v

Great car, but a bit thirsty!

69 words, 2 comments

Accord Si 1.8

Fast economical big car

57 words