2001 Acura CL Type S 3.2 Vtec from North America




Only needed to replace the battery, everything else was perfect. The body does rust pretty quickly though.

General Comments:

For the price this was, it's a very good buy; very reliable, sporty, good looking and roomy. I enjoyed driving this every day till the day I sold it.

The car has excellent feedback from the steering, but would have been perfect if it was a rear wheel drive.

Before you buy, make sure there are no problems with the transmission, as that is a trouble spot. I've had no problems with mine since it was replaced under warranty.

You can buy this car for the price of an Accord, and this is a much better looking car.

Mine had a cold air intake, and the sound was simply phenomenal.

This is truly a great car, if you can get a 6 speed, you are getting one of the nicest shifting trannies in the business. As mentioned, the steering feedback is excellent, better than many new cars.

The car does need bigger tires, so if you can afford after market tires, buy them, they are a good investment. On stock tires, there is too much wheel spin.

It is not the most comfortable car, but it is very good drivers car. I got complements on it all the time, and never had problems keeping up with any one.

Buy it, you will not regret it.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2009

4th Apr 2009, 19:14

"Before you buy, make sure there are no problems with the transmission, as that is a trouble spot"

Consumer Reports April 2009 page 85 says that 17% of 2001 Acura CL have needed to have the transmission rebuilt or replaced. They were reporting this as an example of unusually bad reliability. Just thought you would like to know.

2001 Acura CL S from North America


Love the car; loathe the transmission


I have an Acura CL-S. Fell in love with the car, and was still in love with it until today.

133k miles later and I am ready to be done with Acura. The transmission was replaced at 65k miles -- completely new trans from Acura (rare). Took it in for service yesterday and was told today that I need a new transmission, which @ 133k miles Acura won't cover. Why should I put a few thousand dollars into a car trans that is literally a ticking time bomb?!?

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Review Date: 7th March, 2009

2001 Acura CL S 3.2 from North America


The quick boulevard cruiser the Big Three wished they'd made


Nothing has worn badly on the car. Tranny was recalled early and there is no issue there at all; drive it like F1 and don't change the fluid and that will likely not be the case.

General Comments:

It is quick in a straight line and stops well. But it does feel heavy and the steering is not as precise as it should be.

Nice quality to it and it is nicely put together except for the tiny sunroof and the seatbelt that doesn't retract well.

A luxo-cruiser with nuts.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2008

2001 Acura CL Type S from North America


Great performance, not as much as in handling, great fuel mileage.. I would buy it again!!!


Transmission..2 replacements.. free of charge..

Brakes..pulsating 3 times in the last 2 years. (Need another resurfacing every 6 months or so)

Bose stereo sucks... not loud enough (not only not loud enough, but bass/treble is not what it should...it's BOSE for Christ's sake!)

Of course, the passenger seat air bag sensor goes on and off, and on and off... etc when there is nobody in the seat... My Acura dealership said it senses weight, as when accerlating and braking, but no matter if someone is sitting or not.. in the seat it constantly alarms...

For the good points! This car can overtake a Ford Mustang stock '01 thru '07. It has great power over the short run (30 seconds).

One drawback is the torque steer... it is almost out of control full throttle on angled pavement...

I have the CAI intake, and a sway bar between the struts... (286 horses).

Overall I get 23 city and 32 highway.. if I keep it just right on the highway, I get almost the same as a hybrid (at 75 Miles per Hour)...

Question: Why can I get great gas mileage from this old car as some of the newer cars? It's great, if I don't floor the pedal.. I can get up to 32 MPG--I have measured it for 15 fill ups and it is 32 MPG exactly.

Performance: Up a slight hill to the right (at a STOP sign) Floor the accelarator and off you go!..no wait! You don't go... you spin and smoke the tires until you choke on the smoke produced... But I don't recommend it, it places too much stess on the drivetrain.. as "everyone" doesn't recommend...

I would buy this car again in a second...it's great to drive.

Acura..I will be in the market in a few years for a new car!

General Comments:

See the previous on the good bad and ugly...

It's been the best car I have ever owned performance wise. But still needs some changes... See the previous things I have said..

Overall 8.5 out of 10!

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

2nd Jul 2008, 02:39

How did you get your horsepower so high? not just the cold air intake right?