1990 Acura Integra LS 1.8 from North America


A super dependable performance machine


I had to run a few tanks of gas in it before it ran good again due to sitting around.

Leaky oil pan at 185000 when I got the car.

Battery at 186000 (car still had the original battery).

Full 4 wheel brake job at 188000.

Driver side lap bet latch broke @ 190000.

General Comments:

This car is the most dependable car ever built. At 192000 miles it still runs like a new car and fast for an automatic.

When I bought the car it sat in a driveway for about 2 years with flat tires. All I had to do was put some oil in it and charge the battery and it fired right up. Put some air in the tires and drove it home for the price of $50.

This car holds up very well in accidents as well. I got hit by a jeep a few months ago and the only thing damaged was the left front fender and hood. It was very inexpensive to have fixed and the car got a new paint job at 189000 miles for being rust free for 14 years.

I plan on sinking as much money into this car as possible to keep it on the road and running. I relocated to NW AR from Upstate NY (where I bought the car). So I no longer have to worry about rust.

I also have upgraded the intake and exhaust system on the car to make it sound and breath better. I upgraded the exhaust pipe to 2" from the cat back. That made a huge difference on the performance. And for the cars 190000 mile birthday it got a nice set of early 90's 14" BBS Racing wheels. I plan on sticking with an early 90's rice burner theme with the car. No V-Tec, If you know what your doing you can get more power out of the pre V-Tech B18 engine.

And just for reference to others. My car is one of few that was assembled in Japan. Most 2nd gen Integras were shipped to America in pieces and assembled in the USA. You can tell if your integra is a Japan built car by looking at the VIN#. If your VIN# starts with the letter J it is a japan assembled car.

I love this car and plan on keeping it as long as possible. It is quite possibly the most well built car ever!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2004

9th Apr 2006, 19:48

I have a 90 4 door Integra GS, the Vin begins with J. I would also like to know if my car was assembled in Japan.

As for the car, I love it. 224,000 km and runs smooth! A canadian car so some surface rust on very front of the hood, run-down around the moldings, and one bad spot on the driver side rear panel. The floor was oil sprayed and is in great shape!


Start stall - this comes and goes, hear it may be the main fuel relay.

Park light won't on come on as the temperature outside drops. As a result, I can't get my key out. I hear this can be fixed by greasing a link assembly not sure what area.

Brake pedal sinks at stops signs - comes and goes. Master cylinder I think, because I'm losing no brake fluid.

Great gas mileage and the poor thing hasn't had a tune up in ages! What would be the best timing belt to buy I wonder? Goodyear?

Was the Integra released for Japan only... faster with a different engine?

29th Apr 2006, 00:09

The J stands for Japan so if that's the first letter, that's where it was made. I was under the impression though that all Integras were made in Japan, and all Integra VIN's start with J.. the Civic is made in both locations, however.

11th Jun 2008, 15:05

I agree with all the comments, and I find it somewhat funny that all the problems listed are ones I've encountered with my Integra as well.

About the main fuel relay: where exactly is that located? I've read that it's under the driver's side dash, and that it's a small box, but I'm not seeing it. Can anyone describe its location and appearance in a bit more detail?

29th May 2010, 19:26

I just purchase my next door neighbor's 1990 Integra that has never been parked outside over night. The car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor with 42,000 miles on it. It sounds like there are a lot of good miles left in this one!

1990 Acura Integra GS 1.8 from North America


What a difference a few repairs make! I put on two new front coil springs, both tie rod ends, and new Monroe Sensatrac struts, and 4 new Michelin Pilot tires.

I am thrilled to drive this car! I was getting 26 mpg, but with all the repairs, especially the new tires I've been getting over 30mpg! The ride is super smoothe, and the way it handles is unbelievable! I was going to sell it to my brother, but I'm keeping it now!

This was a great deal. If you can find any Integra with decent miles, I would definetly buy it.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

16th Sep 2004, 20:46

I need struts all around my Acuar Integra LS 1990 model. Big O Tires wants 535 dollars for this service and parts. Is this a good deal? I'll probably never get rid of this car because it is the bomb! I bought it for $2,000 at 95,000 miles from grandma. A kid at Honda in Kingman AZ wanted 6,000 dollars for the car when I told him that I wouldn't sell it for less than 6,000 dollars. I didn't even sell it then. What car would I buy with 6,000 dollars?

8th Oct 2004, 20:12

Are you crazy man, he gave you $6000. y didn't you sell/??? I have a 90 integra, gimme 1000 and ill sell.

25th Aug 2005, 07:15

Well if you got the cash then I would go with pirelli, nut if you just want a good set of tires go with the new Warrior tires. you can get then at discount tires. there Very affordable and are really good tires. I don't know how many times I have burned out in these things, but they still look like I just bought them.