1990 Acura Integra RS 1.8 from North America


Reliable, fun to drive, and excellent value


CV joints at 210,000 km.

Left upper control arm at 220,000 km.

L&R tie rods at 235,000 km.

Ignitor (in distributor) at 240,000km.

Igniton Switch at 255,000km.

These are the only extraordinary parts I needed so far.

Just the usual tires/exhaust/brakes/timing belt (every 100,000 kms).

To convert to miles, just multiply Km's by .60

General Comments:

Very reliable. I have owned this car for seven years. Still as strong as ever, and very solid. Fun to drive.

Still driving with the original factory clutch!!! 275,000 kms, or 165,000 miles.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2000

1990 Acura Integra GS B18A from North America


Cheap, reliable and endless performance potential


Radiator leaked.

Outer CV boots cracked.

Oxygen sensor went bad.

Exhaust rusted.

Body panels rusted.

Camshaft seal leak.

Dash board climate control buttons failed (lights and functions).

ABS system has not failed, but it's making some weird noises.

General Comments:

The car runs wonderfully. At 154,000 hard-driven miles the suspension is softer than it once was but the engine pulls as strong as ever. It's not blistering performance but it's certainly a fun drive around town. 30 mpg, strong A/C.

Whenever something breaks I replace it with a performance item. I think Honda may have designed this car to be souped up. It has SO MUCH potential. There are a lot of windows: I highly recommend tinting them in sunny areas. One item breaks on the Integra for every 8 items that breaks on my girlfriend's '92 VW Passat (111K miles). If you take care of it (regular maintenance) it will last a long time (cheaply and reliably).

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Review Date: 13th August, 2000

6th Jun 2001, 11:19

I have a 91 Integra GS with 130K miles.

Has been modified since 30K miles with:

HKS exhaust.

DC header.

K&N filter.

Tokico struts with Performance Technique springs (about 1.5" lowering") and 16" Momo Wheels.

My wife bought a new 4 door Accord and suggested I take her 97 Civic EX and sell mine. NO WAY!!! The Integra is a much better car even being 6 years older. It has more power, better handling, more room, better looks, anti-lock 4 disc brakes, leather... the list goes on. No VTEC, but a turbo is coming soon.

1990 Acura Integra LS 1.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Nothing major. But dealership repairs can be expensive.

General Comments:

I have a 5-speed version & it runs very well & is quick (135 hp). It handles very well - like a sports car. I live in Arizona & in the summer the car runs harder during the daytime. But once it cools off it's like the car gains energy.

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Review Date: 26th September, 1999

1990 Acura Integra LS from North America


The automatic transmission cannot upshift when engine is cold. The engine could only hold on with the 2nd gear, making enormous racket until the car is warm enough to upshift.

Have to wait almost 15 minutes for the car to warm up or until the auto transmission can upshift itself. RPM goes way too high. Suspension makes many squeaky sounds.

General Comments:

This car we bought was secondhand. So what can I say. That's the kind of problem you get from a used car. My mom bought this 1990 Integra for US$6000. I guess she got ripped off.

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Review Date: 16th August, 1999

3rd Feb 2003, 21:47

I got the same problem on my 90 Integra.

26th Jul 2004, 07:33

I've had the same problems with my '90 gs, except up-shifting into the last gear is my problem instead of into the 3rd. Not being able to leave the car until the park-gear indicator lights up is quite frustrating as well.

7th Oct 2004, 16:46

Mine works good except that it slips from time to time going into 3rd gear. Also the S3 light starts to flash, the book says this could be a problem. I changed the AT fluid to synthetic, but that didn't help much. The sunroof also sticks, but works half ass most of the time. Overall the car has been running good, just remember when you tune it up to use an Acura (Honda) rotor and cap. Mine had an aftermarket one that broke apart going down the freeway. That was a lot of fun

5th Nov 2007, 22:27

I also have the same problem with my 1990 acura staying in 2nd gear for about 5 min only when it is cold.

If anyone can help me to fix this problem can you please send me info on how to. Thanks for your time and trouble.


1990 Acura Integra LS 1.8i petrol from North America


With 153,000 miles, it runs like new. Just had to replace normal items like muffler, brake pads, timing belt/water pump (expensive). Recently the automatic has been slipping occasionally between 2nd and 3rd gears. Original transmission though. Very dependable.

General Comments:

I would keep this car forever if it was a little bigger (back seat not recommended for adults). Very good cornering and sticks to the road like fly paper at warp speed. Things like windows, doors, a/c, power mirrors all continue to work fine unlike most older cars. Highly recommended.

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Review Date: 8th July, 1999